Open menuProductSolutionsResourcesDownloadPricingCareersAI CreatorNewContact SalesLoginGet Started For FreeWhere ideas meet actionCraft is where teams come together to ideate, collaborate and share their best work.Get Started for FreeEngineeringHRSalesInternal CommsFreelancersDiscover more templatesTrusted by millions, including teams atApp Store Best of2021 Mac App of the YearApple Design AwardsFinalist in 2021Get Started for FreeCraft for YouGet organized at home, at work and at scalePersonalMake notes, track habits, write a daily journal, or plan your next big trip.Explore PersonalProfessionalIdeate, collaborate and share notes, documents and more with your team.Explore ProfessionalBusinessEmpower alignment, collaboration, and productivity across projects and teams.Explore Business“Craft enabled our teams to be more aligned, and execute at 10x speed”Istvan CsanadyCEO ofWorkflowsBring all your work togetherCraft works the way you work and creates a seamless connection within and across your teams.Daily NotesSupercharge your daily stand‑upsShare powerful, calendar-connected daily updates. Align on priorities, catch blockers and move forward, together with Daily Notes.Learn moreCollaborative DocsGo from idea to impact, togetherMake a note, share it with your team, and watch as your big ideas transform into documents, projects and presentations that resonate.WikisFind everything you needBring your team’s knowledge together, so you don’t have to ask “can you send me a link?” again.IntegrationsThe context you need, all in one placeConnect your other tools to create a single source of truth in Craft. Check the status of a Linear ticket, share a video or provide extra context for discussion and decision making.This Week's UpdateGet Started For Free“Craft helps me collaborate with my team across time zones and geographic boundaries. It’s our go-to app for staying organized and keeping our projects on-track.”Peter ThomasCEO of AveretekFeaturesAll the tools you needImages & VideosAdd context and visual interest to your updates to make them easier to digest.Built-in AI AssistantAsk AI to summarize your update, check spelling and grammar or generate ideas.Comments & ReactionsShow some love, start a conversation and speed up decision making.Code BlocksShare syntax highlighted code blocks in your updates and documents.Structured DocumentsGroup related ideas into Cards & Pages to add more detail for those who need it.Rich Link PreviewsGet the info you need at-a-glance with detailed and dynamic link previews.“100 requests, 10 clients, 1 Craft. That’s how it’s done. No need to juggle different systems and hope one works. Easy and intuitive for myself and my clients.”Abdallah HammadBusiness Developer at TMA MethodTemplatesGet started with a free templateNot sure where to start? There are hundreds of templates to choose from.See more templatesDaily standup agendaFacilitate alignment, track progress, and eliminate blockers in one place. Revolutionize your team standups with our free daily standup agenda template.Get Template<img alt="Craft Free Template: Daily standup agenda" loading="lazy" decoding="async" data-nimg="fill" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;bottom:0;right:0;box-sizing:border-box;padding:0;border:none;margin:auto;display:block;width:0;height:0;m

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