Cradl AI

Discover the Power of No-Code AI with Cradl AI

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses are relentlessly searching for ways to streamline their operations and automate repetitive tasks. One such avenue for optimization is document processing, which often consumes a considerable amount of work hours that could be invested elsewhere. This is where Cradl AI emerges as a transformative solution, offering an all-in-one AI platform geared towards revolutionizing how businesses handle their documents.

Simplifying Document Processing with Custom AI Models

Cradl AI is empowering organizations to automate business-critical document processes like never before. It allows users to create customized AI models that fit the specific needs of a business without writing any code.

· Customization: Tailor AI models to your unique use cases.

· Visual Workflow Builder: Soon to arrive – enabling users to construct and modify their automation workflows visually.

· Human-in-the-Loop: An intuitive interface lets human operators step in to validate predictions, thus combining human insight with machine efficiency.

· Continuous Learning: The platform learns from human feedback, actively improving its prediction accuracy with each correction made.

Moreover, these machine learning models are not confined by language or layout. They are versatile, ready to be trained on any document type across various industries.

A New Level of Integration and Performance

Cradl AI distinguishes itself by seamlessly connecting with a variety of tools through native integrations and APIs, ensuring you can enhance your existing workflow with minimal disruption. The platform employs fine-tuned deep learning models that deliver outstanding performance, eliminating the need for rigid rules or templates.

Advancements include:

· Flexible AI Models: Develop powerful document parsing tools without any coding.

· Trusted Predictions: Obtain reliable confidence estimates for the extracted information.

· Seamless Retraining: Adapt to new document formats over time, enhancing automation with every iteration.

· Expert Support: Guidance from data scientists every step of the way.

Built for Enterprises

Cradl AI acknowledges the importance of data security, especially for enterprise-level use. As such, the platform ensures data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, with operations conducted on GDPR-compliant AWS servers in the EU. Additionally, scalability isn't an issue—Cradl AI can dynamically adjust to handle peak loads efficiently.

Get Started or Request a Demo

For those eager to explore this no-code AI platform, Cradl AI offers a starting point that is free of charge. Alternatively, you can book a demo to see Cradl AI in action and gauge its compatibility with your document workflow requirements. Whether it's for easing the expense control of government employees or streamlining invoice and receipt processing, Cradl AI stands as a versatile and robust solution for modern automation needs.

You can find out more about the myriad of use cases, dive into developer documentation, or explore the API reference by visiting Cradl AI's official resources.

Pros and Cons of Using Cradl AI


· Streamline document-centric workflows efficiently.

· Custom AI models with no coding required.

· Human-in-the-loop for accuracy checks.

· Continuous learning from human feedback.

· Secure and GDPR-compliant data handling.

· Scalable infrastructure to handle variable workloads.

· Free starting option available.


· Prospective users may need time to familiarize themselves with the capabilities and usage.

· Full dependence on Cradl AI's infrastructure for data privacy and security.

· Upcoming features like the visual workflow builder are not yet available.

In conclusion, Cradl AI offers a compelling proposition for those looking to adopt AI-driven document processing without the usual hassle associated with such implementations. It's an opportunity to capitalize on the latest in machine learning technologies to supercharge productivity and minimize manual overhead in businesses of all sizes.

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