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Copilot for software testing

May 17, 2024
Copilot for software testing

Writing unit tests can sometimes feel like a daunting and time-consuming task. Luckily, there's a new tool on the block designed to make this crucial aspect of software development much easier: Supertest.

Supertest is a forward-thinking tool that streamlines the process of creating unit tests, making it an invaluable assistant for quality assurance (QA) engineers and developers alike. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Supertest simplifies test generation, so developers can focus their efforts on building and improving their applications.

Easy Integration with Visual Studio Code

If you're using Visual Studio Code (VS Code) as your integrated development environment (IDE), you'll be pleased to know that Supertest seamlessly integrates into your coding workflow. By installing the Supertest extension, test writing becomes not just easier, but also faster.

How Does It Work?

Integration is straightforward:

1. Install the VS Code Extension: To start using Supertest, sign up and install its VS Code extension.

2. Auto-add Test IDs: Ever ran into the issue of missing test IDs? With Supertest, you can simply right-click in a file and select "Add test IDs" or use the hotkey combination cmd⌘+u followed by cmd⌘+i.

3. Generate Unit Tests Instantly: Generate a brand new unit test by right-clicking in a file and selecting "Generate unit test," or use the cmd⌘+u followed by cmd⌘+t keyboard shortcut. Supertest automatically creates a test file for you.

Real Feedback from Users

Don't just take our word for it; users like Sarah D., a QA engineer, have praised the tool for saving "countless hours of manual test writing." It's not just a new tool; it's revolutionizing the development workflow altogether.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Supertest offers different pricing tiers tailored to fit various needs:

· Free Plan: Perfect for getting started without any investment, with 10 one-time credits and a one-week test history.

· Plus Plan ($19/month): Suitable for growing teams, this plan offers 75 tests per month and unlimited test history.

· Pro Plan ($29/month): Aimed at seasoned professionals seeking more extensive testing, it allows for 150 tests per month with the added benefit of an unlimited test history.

Common Questions Answered

· What about supported testing libraries? For now, Supertest works with the React Testing Library, with plans to include more libraries in the future.

· Can I try it for free? Absolutely, you can utilize the free 10 credits to generate five tests and get a taste of what Supertest can do for you.

· Need help? If questions or technical issues arise, reach out to the support team at

· What if I need a refund? Supertest offers refunds based on unused credits. Just contact the support for assistance.

In essence, Supertest aims to be the co-pilot that every software developer needs when it comes to testing. It’s not only about making the process faster; it’s about enhancing your productivity so that you can write better software without the added hassle of laborious test scripting.

For more details, learn about current user experiences, or to take the first step in automating your testing, visit Supertest’s official website and check out their Twitter for the latest updates.

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