Are you in search of the best chatbot solution for your website? Look no further! Introducing ConvoStack – the full-stack framework for AI chatbots! ConvoStack is designed to simplify the embedding process for developers looking to add a customizable AI ChatBot widget to their website, all for free! Here’s why ConvoStack is the solution for you:

Effortless Integration

· Enables you to embed a customizable AI ChatBot widget into your website with just a few lines of code

· Provides full support conversations in plain English, powered by the Langchain framework

· Option to add your own AI model

· Seamless integration with popular frameworks such as Pinecone DB, Express, and React

Powerful Technologies at Your Disposal

· Leverages the LangChain open-source framework to effortlessly integrate your own AI model

· Utilizes the versatility of Express.js

· Supercharges your frontend with a sleek and customizable React component

· Harnesses the power of Redis for responsive chatbot conversations

· Ensures full-stack type-safety with TypeScript

· Utilizes GraphQL to efficiently retrieve and manipulate data from your AI chatbot's backend

Community and Support

· Join the ConvoStack community to get help, share your projects, and contribute to the project

· Chat with other developers and get help with your projects on Discord

· Contribute to the project by submitting issues and pull requests on the GitHub repository

· Join the conversation on Twitter

ConvoStack is built upon a tech stack that developers already know and love, making it straightforward to integrate seamlessly into your website. Your users can now enjoy interactive and personalized conversations with AI agents without any hassle! If you’re looking to step up your website’s chatbot game, ConvoStack is the way to go. Join our community today and discover the possibilities with ConvoStack!


· provides effortless integration for developers

· customizable and supports popular frameworks

· powerful technologies for seamless implementation

· active open-source community for support


· might have a bit of a learning curve for beginners

· limited customization without technical know-how

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