Effortless Contract Creation with ContractIQ

In modern business, the efficiency and accuracy of paperwork are paramount, especially when it comes to contracts. This is where ContractIQ shines, making the once-tedious task of drafting contracts faster and more precise. With ContractIQ, you can generate a polished contract in less than three minutes!

Why Choose ContractIQ?

Imagine drafting contracts without the tedium. ContractIQ offers a transformative experience, currently favored by over 5,000 users who appreciate its balance of efficiency and precision. Scott Syme, CEO of NexaConsult, testifies to its transformative impact on their consultancy services—by enabling consistent, client-focused contract drafting.

Simplified Contract Drafting Steps

ContractIQ simplifies the drafting process down to three straightforward steps:

· Choose Your Contract Type: Start by picking the right template for your needs, be it a service agreement, non-disclosure agreement (NDA), lease, or more.

· Add Relevant Information: Fill in the necessary details such as the parties involved, specific clauses, and terms. ContractIQ guides you through the process to ensure no component is overlooked.

· Edit & Export: After generating the contract, all that's left is to review and finalize any adjustments. Then, export your contract in various formats, including PDF or Word, and you're all set to go.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

ContractIQ is not just another contract generator. It's designed with an understanding of facts from across the internet, books, and Wikipedia, providing rich, accurate content. Templates dynamically adjust to your industry for ultimate relevancy and precision. Plus, with the real-time editing suite, making on-the-fly changes is a breeze.

Flexible Export and Compatibility

Exporting your final document is seamless. With options to generate PDFs or Word documents, ContractIQ ensures that your contract can be shared across any platform without any compatibility issues.

Affordable Plans for All

ContractIQ is committed to providing exceptional value through its free Standard plan. However, for those who need expanded capabilities, the Pro plan at $9.99 per month offers unlimited contracts, priority support, and access to ContractIQ's advanced AI.


ContractIQ invites you to join the evolution of contract management. By streamlining and simplifying the contract creation process, it's set to help you transform your business’s approach to handling legal documents. Initiate your journey to a more efficient contract drafting process with ContractIQ and embrace the future with confidence.

For more information, please visit the official ContractIQ website.

Pros of ContractIQ:

· Quicker contract drafting, averaging at 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

· User-friendly platform with easy steps: select, input, edit, and export.

· Adaptable templates that match various industry needs.

· Knowledge-enriched AI that provides factual and precise contracts.

· Intuitive real-time editing suite.

· Multiple export formats for easy sharing and compatibility.

· Free Standard plan available, and an affordable Pro plan for advanced features.

Cons of ContractIQ:

· Free plan is limited to one contract per month.

· Advanced AI features are only available under the Pro plan.

· May require a learning curve for those unfamiliar with contract drafting tools.

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