Simplify Your Customer Support with an AI Chat Tool

Imagine being able to transform your extensive repository of product documentation into a smart tech support assistant that works tirelessly round the clock. That's precisely what Context offers—a way to create an automated tech support chatbot using your existing knowledge base, making customer support simpler and more efficient.

Effortlessly Address Customer Inquiries

One of the biggest challenges in customer support is dealing with repetitive questions. Context changes the game by providing intelligent, automated responses to these FAQs, which can reduce the number of customer inquiries that need human intervention by up to 50%. This means more time for your support team to tackle complex issues that require a personal touch.

Gain Insights, Understand Your Customers

Leveraging user interactions with your support bot can provide valuable insights. Context not only resolves customer queries but also helps you understand the types of questions being asked. This can guide you in enhancing both your product and the associated documentation.

How Context Works


Step 1: Import Documentation
Context can pull information from various data sources, such as websites, PDFs, GitHub repositories, wikis, and even YouTube videos, among others. This ensures that your bot is as knowledgeable as possible, integrating seamlessly with your existing content.


Step 2: Install the Bots
Incorporate the chatbot easily across multiple platforms where your customers are likely to seek help. This includes anywhere from your own website and mobile application to communication tools like Slack and Discord.


Step 3: Automated Support Around the Clock
Once set up, your bot will provide continuous tech support. You'll be able to track customer queries, collect feedback, and refine your documentation so it better meets your users' needs.

Advanced Features to Stay Ahead

Context comes with a suite of powerful features:

· GPT-4 Support: Enabling the bot with the latest LLM to answer technical queries comprehensively.

· Multi-Source Importing: Gather data from multiple sources to enhance the bot's knowledge.

· Collaboration: Invite your team to manage the Context workspace together.

· Citations: Responses include sources, allowing users to delve into the details if they wish.

· Preloaded FAQs: Equip your bot with commonly asked questions for quick user access.

· Response Ranking: User feedback helps identify the most helpful answers.

· Direct Embedding: Integrate Context seamlessly into your site with a simple script.

· Integration with Communication Channels: Works effortlessly within Slack or Discord.

· API Access: Interface with the API to programmatically handle queries and responses.

· Content Revisions: Regular updates improve answer accuracy and response time.

Future Developments

Upcoming features include inline CTAs to provide additional information within responses, an auto-SEO functionality to create searchable FAQ pages, and more.

Ready to Get Started?

If you're looking to automate your customer support while gaining valuable insights and freeing up your support team to do what they do best, consider giving Context a try. For further details on how it works, data privacy, bot sharing, document types, and more, visit their website or email

By putting much of the repetitive work in the capable "hands" of an AI, you can transform the user experience for your customers, all while giving your customer support team the room to breathe and focus on tasks that genuinely need the human touch.

Automate your customer support with Context today and step into the future of customer service.

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