If you are looking for a smart and responsive 24/7 tech support bot for your product documentation, consider using Context. With a 5-minute setup, you can get started with Context without the need for a credit card, and you can cancel anytime.

Context offers several features to enhance customer support, including AI-powered assistance using the GPT-4 language model, multi-source integration, teammate collaboration, citations for responses, and preloaded questions for user convenience.

Some benefits of using Context include a decreased workload by deflecting 50% of inquiries and gaining improved user insights. However, there may be a learning curve when setting up and optimizing the AI.

Setting up Context is simple: import your documents from various sources, install bots on different platforms, and provide support by tracking queries and refining documentation based on feedback.

To get started with Context and automate your customer support, reach out to

Context makes it easy to turn your knowledge base into an automated 24/7 tech support bot, helping to enhance user experiences and eliminate repetitive queries.

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