Concierge by Ava

If you've ever experienced the hassle of planning a business trip, you know how time-consuming it can be to sort through countless options to find accommodations that meet your specific needs. Thankfully, technology continues to make leaps and strides, easing this burden, particularly with the introduction of advanced virtual assistants.

Navan is a comprehensive platform streamlining travel and expense management for companies big and small. It helps businesses manage everything from travel arrangements to expenses with ease and efficiency. And one of Navan's most exciting developments is the introduction of its Hotel Concierge service, powered by Ava, their innovative artificial intelligence assistant.

Cutting-Edge Virtual Assistance

Hotel Concierge by Ava represents a major leap forward in automated travel planning. This AI-powered feature personalizes your travel arrangements like never before, offering recommendations tailored to your unique preferences and past booking patterns. What once took hours of sifting through potential hotels can now be accomplished in just seconds.

Personalized Recommendations

Imagine checking into hotels that always have that high-quality gym you desire, rooms spacious enough for video calls, and top-notch dining options to enjoy after a long business day. Hotel Concierge takes the uncertainty out of finding new accommodations. It learns what you like and ensures each new city feels like a home away from home by providing handpicked hotel suggestions that align with your tastes and are all within the company's travel policy.

As expressed by Ariel Cohen, Navan's CEO and co-founder, this service removes the gamble from hotel booking. It's designed for the frequent traveler, ensuring the focus remains squarely on the work that matters, rather than the minutiae of trip planning.

How It Works

Ava, the sophisticated virtual assistant, is more than just a search engine combing through a static database. It leverages Navan's extensive collection of hotel reviews and cross-references available data with your preferences. It even fills out the necessary booking forms for you. The aim is to offer a level of service on par with seasoned travel agents but with the speed and efficiency only an AI can provide.

Travel Made Easy Across Various Roles

This tool isn't just for CEOs. Whether you're a travel manager looking to streamline the booking process, a finance officer aiming for better spending visibility, or an office admin coordinating travel for others, Ava's Hotel Concierge service is designed to make your life easier.

Expanding Horizons

Moreover, Navan offers a wide range of solutions tailored to specific roles:

· Travel Managers: Enhance travel experience, obtain better visibility, and achieve significant savings.

· Travelers: Utilizing the travel and expense app streamlines the entire process.

· Finance Teams: Gain control with more visibility into travel costs and expenses.

· Office Admins and EAs: You'll find booking and managing travel for teams more efficient than ever.

A World of Resources

Navan extends beyond just services. It also boasts a Resource Center where you can learn more about how the platform can revolutionize travel and expense management. You can also read testimonials from satisfied customers and explore blog posts that offer insights into effective travel and expense strategies.

Join the Mission

For those passionate about transforming business travel, Navan's inclusive team is always on the lookout for talent to join their mission-driven culture.

Get a Personal Experience

Seeing is believing, and you can get a firsthand look at how Navan operates by watching a demo.

Pros and Cons


· Personalized travel experiences save time and match individual preferences.

· Streamlined expense management integrated with travel planning.

· A holistic approach catering to various business roles and needs.

· Continuous learning AI assistance increases efficiency over time.

· Access to a wealth of resources and customer support.


· Reliance on AI may not suit those who prefer traditional, human-centric travel planning.

· Initial integration may require a learning curve for some users.

· As with any automated system, there may be rare occasions where specific preferences or nuances are not entirely captured.

In conclusion, Navan's Hotel Concierge service is reshaping business travel by harnessing the power of AI to offer hyper-personalized hotel recommendations, ensuring your trips are as enjoyable as they are efficient. Whether you're looking to save time or provide the best travel experience for your team, Navan's solutions are well worth considering.

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