Companion AI

Meet Your New Digital Assistant – Companion AI

Discover the ease of having an AI assistant right on your computer with Companion AI. As a tech enthusiast or even someone just looking to streamline their digital tasks, this tool allows you to choose between two powerful AI options: Chat GPT and Google Bard. Simply select the one you prefer and incorporate advanced AI into your daily routine.

Full Compatibility

Companion AI is designed with versatility in mind and is fully compatible with the latest Mac versions using M1 and M2 chips. This caters to the needs of Mac users who often look for tech solutions that are tailored for their device's architecture.

Seamless Experience

Onboarding with Companion AI is effortless. The application comes with an intuitive interface that guides you through selecting your preferred AI companion. Whether you're inclined towards the conversational prowess of Chat GPT or the analytical insights of Google Bard, switching between them is just a matter of a few clicks.

Convenience at Startup

We understand the importance of productivity and convenience, which is why Companion AI has a feature that can make it start automatically with your Mac, ensuring that your AI assistant is ready whenever you are.

Stay Invisible or Go Visible

Depending on your working style, you might enjoy an uninterrupted screen or require constant access to your AI companion. The tool allows you to toggle the visibility of Companion AI, making it as unobtrusive or as accessible as you desire.

Hassle-Free Updates

Keeping up with the latest algorithms and improvements should be straightforward, and Companion AI does just that with its Auto Update feature. Once you download the tool, it takes care of its updates, so you're always using the most up-to-date version without any additional effort.

Initial Release and Enhancements

Companion AI initially launched with features aimed at optimizing user interactions, including options to open external links directly in the browser, which simplifies workflow and keeps everything in one place.

Choose Your Companion

The right-click menu is the command center for Companion AI. From here, users can select their desired AI assistant and toggle various settings with ease. This context menu was designed from the ground up to offer quick and convenient control.

A Human Touch

Developed with dedication by Mariz Melo, Companion AI brings with it a sense of personal flair. It's not just about algorithms and coding; it's made with love and attention to detail, ensuring a pleasant user experience.

Companion AI sets itself apart as a reliable desktop assistant for those looking to harness the power of AI in their daily computing activities. It's personalized, always up-to-date, and considerate of your workflow preferences.


· Offers a choice between Chat GPT and Google Bard.

· Provides Mac compatibility with the latest M1/2 chips.

· User-friendly with easy setup and auto startup options.

· Automatic updates to the latest versions.


· Currently only available for Mac users.

· Limited to two AI options at this time, which might not cater to all users' preferences.

Regardless of a few limitations, Companion AI stands out as a noteworthy tool for those seeking to integrate AI into their daily computer use with grace and efficiency.

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