Colorize Photo

Are you a photographer or someone who enjoys working with old photos? Palette is the ideal tool for you. With over 21 color filters to choose from, you can easily transform your black and white photos into vivid, colorful images with just one click.

Why Choose Palette?

Easy Customization

  • Customize your colors with just one click and a few seconds
  • Powerful customization options for precise color adjustments

Trusted by Photographers and Creators

  • Trusted and loved by over 2.8 million users
  • Rated 5 stars

Trusted in Productions

  • Endorsed by industry experts for its remarkable accuracy and realistic colors

How It Works

  1. Upload Your Photo - Easily upload your photo by clicking on the "Upload image" button or dragging and dropping multiple images.
  2. Pick a Filter - Choose a color filter from the available options to apply to your photo.
  3. Download or Edit - Download the colorized photo or further customize the colors by adjusting the settings.

Pros and Cons of Palette


  • Accurate and realistic colors
  • Simple and powerful customization
  • Captures intricate details
  • Natural and lively light effects
  • Multiple photo upload options
  • One-time payment choices


  • Heavy on brown and purple hues
  • Competitors often have complicated interfaces
  • Skin may look flat and orange at times
  • May miss details like hands and lips
  • Some competitors offer expensive one-size-fits-all styling with recurring payments

If you're interested in bringing new life to your old photos, Palette is the perfect AI-powered tool for you. With a wide range of color filters and exceptional realism, you can rejuvenate your photo collection. Plus, with a simple and intuitive interface, you won't have to spend hours learning how to use it. Give it a try and start adding color to your memories today!

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