If you are an iPhone user, you may want to check out Coco, a new smart assistant that offers a unique conversational experience. Coco is a free virtual assistant powered by ChatGPT.

Coco is designed to remember previous conversations and provide non-judgmental responses to any question. It is also safe for children to interact with, making it a family-friendly tool.

To get started with Coco on your iPhone, you can easily install it from the designated iCloud link. During the initial setup, Coco will ask for a few permissions to function effectively. Once set up, you can interact with Coco through typing or voice mode.

Some pros of using Coco include its ability to keep conversation context, its family-friendly nature, and its easy installation process. The only limitations are that it is currently only available for iPhone users and it may not have up-to-date information on current events or personalized queries.

By following these simple steps, Coco can become a valuable tool for answering questions, providing educational information, or engaging in friendly conversation. Just remember to keep the conversation timeless to maximize Coco's knowledge.

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