In this modern era, digital data is the center of all data-driven businesses. Images and videos are becoming a crucial part of business data, but often analyzing them has proven to be quite challenging. When you need to extract accurate and timely insights from these images or videos, that’s when Coactive comes into play. Coactive is an AI-powered tool that is designed to bring structure to unstructured data and create efficient visual content processing.

What Coactive Can Do

Quick Visual Content Search

Coactive enhances searches in visual content. With Coactive’s word or phrase-based search feature, you can easily search your content library and efficiently refine its taxonomy.

Visual Analytics

Get insights and answers to key questions within your visual content. Through Coactive, you can analyze everything from the trend analysis of visual content to who uploads certain types of images.

Production-ready API & SDK

Use the Coactive API and Python SDKs to understand and monitor your data as it comes in. It's the perfect way to transform insights into action.

Why is Coactive Needed?

Lack of Metadata Often images and videos lack metadata or contain incomplete and inaccurate pieces of information.

Expertise Required While powerful, machine learning-based metadata extraction requires deep technical knowledge.

Large Volumes Visual data is often large, requiring careful and efficient processing.

Domain Specific Visual content often has nuanced and specific features that mainstream machine learning solutions cannot capture.

Pros and Cons:


1. Offers a powerful visual search through images and videos.

2. Advanced algorithms enabling descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics of visual content.

3. Time-efficient data monitoring and continuous analysis through APIs and SDKs.

4. Provides structure to unstructured data which is usually difficult to process.


1. It might require learning new protocols and APIs for beginners.

2. Certain types of visual recognition can sometimes lack perfect accuracy.

Next time you are struggling to find insights and patterns within your visual content data, consider using Coactive. It's the superpower your business needs to leverage the potential of visual data. Request a demo to see for yourself.

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