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Cloud Email Security

May 17, 2024
Cloud Email Security

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, organizations consistently face novel threats, particularly those connected to the ever-changing landscape of email communications. As businesses rely heavily on email as a cornerstone of their professional networks, defending against specialized email threats becomes a necessity.

Understanding Abnormal and Its Innovations

With the rise of sophisticated cyber threats, a robust defense is needed, and this is where a platform like Abnormal comes to the forefront. Abnormal is an advanced cloud email security solution created to protect against an array of email-related dangers. It's designed to be a comprehensive, all-encompassing tool that tackles challenges head-on while keeping operations simple and efficient.

Primary Features of Abnormal

Protecting Against Inbound Threats

Abnormal excels in shielding organizations from harmful inbound email attacks, including but not limited to credential phishing, business email compromise, and supply chain fraud.

Guarding Against Compromises

The platform is always on the lookout for signs of an email account takeover or any underhanded activities via third-party applications that may pose significant platform threats.

Forward-Thinking Security Measures

Abnormal isn't just about reacting to incidents. It proactively predicts and alerts on security posture changes in the configurations of user accounts, applications, and email tenants.

Streamlining Response

Email security operations benefit greatly from automation. Abnormal fully automates the triage and remediation process for user-reported emails, considerably reducing the workload on security teams.

The Technical Edge: AI and Cloud-Native Architecture

One of the keystones of Abnormal is its utilization of cutting-edge technology. The platform is grounded in cloud-native, API-based architecture, allowing for swift installations with minimal fuss. Moreover, it utilizes AI-based behavioral anomaly detection which develops behavior models unique to each user and organization. This AI prowess is deployed to thwart not only existing threats but also emerging ones.

Multi-Channel Safeguarding More than just email, Abnormal extends its protective capabilities to other communication platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, understanding that threats can traverse multiple channels.

Fiscal and Operational Benefits

Entities employing Abnormal can expect a noticeable reduction in their total email security spending. By eliminating redundant secure email gateways and optimizing resources, businesses lower expenses and streamline operations, enabling a focus on proactive security measures for future threats.

Endorsement by Industry Leaders

Abnormal's efficacy is not just theorized but proven by some of the most influential names in the industry. More than 10% of Fortune 500 companies trust Abnormal to safeguard their organizations. These businesses attest to a tangible dip in the frequency of complex email compromises and other related attacks.

Real-World Impact

Security leaders, like Ryan Fritts of ADT and Jason Stead of Choice Hotels, praise Abnormal for its impact on their companies. They report a marked decrease in time spent responding to email threats and a significant return on investment, demonstrating Abnormal's capacity to enhance productivity and bottom-line results.

Thought Leadership and Guidance

Abnormal's approach to email security is also championed by market analysts, such as Gartner, which points to the platform's simplicity, superior visibility, and behavior monitoring capabilities as critical factors in reducing organizational risk.

The platform provides ongoing support and guidance, including market guides that help security teams stay well-informed about best practices and emerging risks.

In summary, Abnormal is more than just an email security solution. It represents a forward-thinking shift in protecting businesses' communication lifelines, effectively blending innovation with practicality to present a formidable defense against the ever-evolving cyber threats that lurk within digital correspondences. As email-related threats become more sophisticated, having an equally sophisticated ally like Abnormal could be the pivotal edge for an organization's cyber defense strategy.

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