Harness the Power of AI with Clevis: The No-Code Solution for App Creation

In the modern era, having an innovative idea often leads to the acknowledgment that turning this vision into a tangible application requires coding expertise. But what if you could break free from that constraint? Enter Clevis, a platform that empowers you to build your own AI-powered applications effortlessly, with no coding necessary.

Crafted by Creative Minds

Oskar and Karl imagined a world where creating an app could be as simple as crafting a sandwich. So they set out to build Clevis, a tool that could turn anyone into an app developer, irrespective of their programming skills.

The Core Features of Clevis

Here's what you can expect when you dive into the world of Clevis:

· Editor: A user-friendly platform where you can add functionality to your app through simple processing steps.

· Templates: Jumpstart your app building process with pre-designed templates.

· Sharing Capabilities: Don't keep your app a secret! Share your creations with the world through a publicly accessible link.

· Monetization: Have a great app? You can sell access to your app with a usage-based pricing model.

· API Integration: Operate your app externally with a straightforward HTTP call via your API key.

· Scheduling: Automate repetitive tasks by setting up a routine schedule for your app to run.

· Personalization: Tailor the look of your app to align with your brand identity.

· Custom Domain (Coming Soon): Deploy your app on a stand-alone custom domain.

· Embedding (Coming Soon): Seamlessly integrate your app with your existing website.

From Imagination to Reality: What Can You Create?

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. From generating novel recipes to satisfy your culinary cravings, to creating intriguing characters for your upcoming novel, Clevis caters to a plethora of creative demands. Fashion buffs can even devise apps that suggest outfits according to the current weather. Bloggers are not left behind, as they can produce WordPress blog posts complete with engaging content and captivating header images. And if you're all about personalization, why not develop an app that recommends products tailored to your customers' preferences? Every day, the realm of Clevis expands as users discover new, innovative uses for the platform.

Flexible Pricing Structures

Step into the world of app development with confidence, knowing that Clevis offers a 7-day trial with no strings attached. Once you’ve dipped your toes and decided to plunge in, you have an attractive pricing plan:

· Starter: At $29 per month, including a monthly allowance of 20,000 credits, you can cater to a single team member while enjoying benefits like a Slack community, customized branding, and API access.

· Professional: Priced at $59 monthly, this package grants you a heftier 50,000 credits per month, aids up to five team members, and offers prioritized support along with all of the Starter advantages.

Getting Help

Should you find yourself puzzled or inquisitive, a vibrant community awaits in their Slack channel, alongside a packed FAQ section that covers everything from app capabilities to the inner workings of Clevis credits.

In summary, Clevis is a platform that democratizes the sphere of app creation, removing technological barriers, and offering limitless avenues for inventiveness. Whether you're aiming to automate workflows, entertain audiences, or drive e-commerce sales, Clevis hands you the keys to the kingdom of AI-powered innovation.

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