Discover Clap: Your Digital Writing Assistant

In the digital age, writing has become a significant part of our daily routine, whether for crafting emails, creating content, or simply communicating through various platforms. To streamline this process and enhance your writing experience, there's a new tool in town- Clap, your AI writing partner.

What is Clap?

Clap is a modern browser extension designed to assist you in writing more efficiently. With its AI-driven capabilities, Clap offers you smart suggestions to complete your sentences, ensuring that your writing is not only speedy but also coherent and contextually relevant.

Key Features of Clap

Clap's features are built to provide an effortless and intuitive writing experience:


Smart Composition: As you type, Clap's AI suggests how to complete your sentences, offering seamless assistance that molds to your writing style.


Compatibility: This extension works with most text editors you're likely to use across the web, so your writing process remains uninterrupted.


Multilingual Support: Not limited to just one language, Clap can offer suggestions in multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base.


Command Support: Perform specific actions within your writing process using simple commands.


Context-aware: Clap tailors its suggestions to the content of the website you’re typing on, making the advice relevant and accurate.

How to Use Clap

To begin using Clap, simply add the extension to your Chrome browser. Then, whenever you type in a textbox, you'll notice Clap's suggestions appear as you go, marked by ellipses. To accept a suggestion, press 'Tab', or keep typing to dismiss it. This method allows you to stay focused, with no distractions like pop-ups.

Pricing Options for Clap

Clap comes with different subscription plans to match everyone’s needs:


Monthly Subscription: For just $4 per month, you can have unlimited access to Clap.


Annual Subscription: Opting for an annual subscription earns you a 20% discount, costing $48 per year.


Lifetime Access: For a one-time payment of $68, you can enjoy Clap's features forever, including free upgrades to future membership benefits such as the anticipated GPT-4 update.

You can also start with a 7-day free trial to test out Clap's full capabilities. The trial can be canceled anytime if you decide it’s not for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Clap work?: Clap is compatible with various online text editors, making it very versatile.


Is Clap free?: You can start with a free plan and eventually subscribe for unlimited access.


How to use Clap?: It integrates automatically as you type in any text box online, with suggestions coming up as you write.


Can Clap take other commands?: Yes, Clap can understand and execute specific commands to improve your writing process.

Pros and Cons


· Streamlined user experience with suggestions as you type.

· No intrusive pop-ups or distractions.

· Easy integration with many online text editors.

· Multilingual support for diverse user needs.


· Requires a subscription for unlimited access.

· Currently, only available as a Chrome extension.

To explore the advantages of Clap for yourself, you can install it directly from the Chrome Web Store.

Clap is brought to you by CodeKidz LLC, a company dedicated to enhancing digital experiences. With robust email support and a user-centric approach, including clear privacy policies and terms of use, you'll find Clap to be a reliable and supportive writing partner.

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