Meet Ciel: Your Personal AI-Assistant in WhatsApp

Ciel is your very own personal AI companion that offers a range of features to make your everyday life more fun, efficient, and creative.

Connecting with Ciel 📱

Ciel directly integrates with WhatsApp – no need to juggle between different apps. Simply forward your voice message to Ciel, and it will take care of the rest.

Choosing Your Mode 🚀

Whether you want to chat with a realistic AI model, become an artist with AI-powered image generation tools, or utilize translator and scribe modes, Ciel offers a variety of modes to cater to your different needs.

Interacting with Ciel 💬

Ciel lets you interact using either voice or text, and you will receive responses in the same format. Moreover, you can use emojis to quickly command Ciel for tasks such as translation and summarization, making interactions seamless and fun.

Unleashing AI Powers 🤖

Whether it's diving into enriching conversations with AI, generating customized AI art from existing pictures, or creating your masterpiece from scratch, Ciel allows you to unleash the magic of AI directly within your WhatsApp.

The Magic of Ciel ✨

Ciel is designed to elevate your productivity through its chat and scribe modes. Whether it's managing tasks, transcribing voice messages, or summarizing texts, Ciel empowers you to do more, faster, and with greater convenience.

So, in case you're worried about whether all this magic requires your credit card info, with Ciel, no credit card is needed to unlock its vast potential. Just text #ciel and start exploring the wonderful world of AI.

Join the 65,550 people already enjoying Ciel's offerings. After all, as @maelus_ puts it, "Enjoy the world's best AIs, now."


  • Direct integration with WhatsApp
  • Wide array of AI features like chat, artist, translator, and scribe modes
  • No credit card required
  • Simple voice-forwarding interaction


  • Requires active use of WhatsApp
  • Potential privacy concerns related to conversations being AI-intercepted

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