Instant ChatbotTemplatesPricingContact & SupportSign inAI support chatbot, trained on your data, online 24/7Automate your customer support, close deals on auto-pilot and stop answering the same questions over and over again. Create your botfree - no credit card requiredAll you need to know, in 60 secondsGrow with Chunky🦸 3k+ UsersYou can create your account for free and start playing around with Chunky today.🤖 5k+ Chatbots createdYou can create multiple chatbots for your account. From lead generation to customer support.💬 133k+ Messages sentYour bot is online 24/7. You can easily read conversations your bot is having and tweak the answers.Your chatbot,Trained on your data.Train your agent by uploading PDFs or just inputting your website URL. Your bot will scrape the website and learn by itself.Create your botfree - no credit card requiredIntegrated in your website.With a single line of code, add the chatbot to your website. Or, share a public link with your team for testing.Create your botfree - no credit card requiredFAQHow do I train it on my data?When you create your chatbot you can train it by simply uploading files (.pdf), or by inserting your website URL (the data will be automatically extracted) or by linking a Google Sheet file with your data. What technology does Chunky use?It uses the ChatGPT API and Embeddings provided by OpenAI.Where can I integrate it?Currently you can share a public link to your bot or you can implement it in your website with just a single line of code. You will have a little chatbot widget which can talk to your visitors.Can I change the appearance of my bot?Yes, you can change the name, icon and colors of your chat window so it fits the branding of your website.Do you support multiple languages?Yes, we support close to 95 languages on our platform. Both your training data as well as the bot responses are available in all these languages.Create your chatbot today.Get Started© Chunky 2023CookiesPrivacy

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