A Smart Tool for Fairer Hiring: Checkr

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, efficient and equitable hiring practices are more crucial than ever. Checkr is a modern solution that offers an innovative approach to background checks, helping businesses of all sizes to unlock talent and opportunity with speed and reliability.

A Seamless Start for Your New Team Members

From the moment a candidate considers joining your organization, their experience is paramount. Checkr prioritizes this by providing a transparent view into their background check process. Candidates receive accurate estimates on completion times and the ability to explain any issues in their records. This proactive communication helps speed up the hiring process, fostering a positive experience for prospective team members.

Effortlessly Upgrade Your Hiring Workflow

Utilizing Checkr's AI-powered core, you can streamline the hiring process by minimizing manual reviews, human error, and inherent biases. The platform's award-winning adjudication tools empower you to enhance the efficiency of your hiring process. Additionally, analytics offered by Checkr can pinpoint new opportunities to widen your talent search, helping you to embrace diversity and inclusion in your workforce.

Designed for Growth

Checkr is perfectly built to accommodate businesses at varying stages of growth. For budding enterprises as well as established organizations assaying to onboard a large number of employees, Checkr stands ready to support a quick and smooth scaling of your hiring processes.

Trusted Speed and Reliability

The ability to handle over 1.5 million reports monthly, without compromising turnaround times, exemplifies the platform's robustness. This is coupled with a comprehensive ecosystem connecting you to over 100 partners and a proprietary data network, all to ensure that you can trust Checkr for quality and efficiency.

Worldwide Capabilities

No geographical boundaries can limit Checkr; it boasts capabilities to conduct background checks across more than 200 countries and territories. An international approach ensures that global businesses can maintain consistent hiring standards and practices, regardless of where candidates are located.

Seamless Integration

Integrating Checkr into your hiring processes is straightforward. For those with technical expertise, the platform offers an API to effortlessly include background checks into your company's existing onboarding workflow. If your company uses specific ATS, HR, or onboarding systems, Checkr's pre-built integrations make it easy to connect and streamline your processes.

Inclusive Technology

One of the core visions behind Checkr is to foster a fairer hiring landscape. With as many as one in three working-age Americans having a criminal record, many of these individuals face undue hurdles in obtaining employment. Checkr's technology is crafted to create opportunities for these individuals, promoting a more inclusive and unbiased hiring process.

Customer Success Stories

Various organizations, including Kimpton Hotels, have adopted Checkr to enhance their competitive edge and reduce their time-to-hire. A look into these success stories can offer insights into the benefits and outcomes of using Checkr for your hiring needs.


As companies commit to building a future characterized by fairness and equality, Checkr stands out as a tool that not only expedites the hiring process but also advances a more just employment screening ecosystem. Adopting this technology means embracing a solution that is efficient, reliable, and dedicated to opening doors for a wider array of candidates.

For those interested in learning more or getting started with Checkr, visit the website for insights into how this technology can be integrated into your hiring process.

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