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November 22, 2023

ChatWithPDF Plugin: New AI-Powered Tool to Simplify PDF Querying

Are you tired of hurrying through lengthy PDF documents? Do you often wish to quickly summarize their content without actually reading them in their entirety? OpenAI's newest ChatGPT plugin, named ChatWithPDF, might just be the tool you are looking for. This AI-powered plugin allows you to seamlessly query and explore PDF files of any language, size, and topic directly within ChatGPT.

How to Install:

Installing the ChatWithPDF plugin is quite simple. If you are a ChatGPT Pro user, navigate to the 'Plugin Store' within the ChatGPT UI and select Model: GPT-4 -> Plugins -> Plugin Store. Once there, you can find and add ChatWithPDF to your list of available plugins.

How to Use:

Using ChatWithPDF is as easy as providing a publicly accessible PDF URL to the plugin. You can obtain the URL for a PDF by uploading your documents to sites like or by linking to public resources such as Google Drive. Upon sharing your PDF's URL, ChatGPT will fetch relevant information and dynamically generate a summary based on your input. This simplifies the task of sifting through complex documents, enabling you to instantly retrieve essential details from the file.

Example conversation using ChatGPT and ChatWithPDF:

  • You: "I am a student and am having trouble figuring what equivalence is from this PDF:"
  • ChatGPT: "loading"
  • ChatGPT: "The document you provided is a lecture note on circuits, specifically discussing Thevenin equivalent circuits, voltage dividers, and equivalent resistance. Here's a summary of the key points related to equivalence"


ChatWithPDF is designed to give you an optimal experience while interacting with PDF documents:

  • Search PDFs directly in ChatGPT.
  • Query PDFs of any size or length.
  • Supports PDFs in any language and on any topic.
  • Privacy-focused: No long-term storage of user data. All PDFs are quickly processed and permanently wiped to respect your privacy.

ChatWithPDF helps you get the most out of your PDF files, allowing you to efficiently search and gather valuable insights from them.


Your privacy is of utmost importance. ChatWithPDF does not intend to retain any user data permanently. PDFs are processed temporarily with all data embeddings cleared after each deployment. In the future, embeddings will be deleted within an hour after a user requests them. This essentially means that if someone has your link, they cannot access your data and no other user's information can be inferred from your interactions.

How it Works:

Upon submission of a publicly available PDF URL, the ChatWithPDF plugin downloads and processes the document, identifying and extracting essential information from its content. When a user makes a query, the plugin efficiently matches the query to the processed information from the PDF. It then returns the most relevant information based on the user's request.

In conclusion, ChatWithPDF is an innovative tool that brings a new level of convenience to PDF document querying. By leveraging the power of AI, it simplifies the process of extracting necessary information from PDFs in a thoroughly user-friendly manner. Whether you are a student seeking quick insights from a lecture note, a professional looking for specific information in a technical manual, or simply an individual seeking quick knowledge from a document, ChatWithPDF has got you covered. Experience the seamless querying capability of the ChatWithPDF plugin today!

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