Discover the Future of AI-Assisted Document Analysis

Welcome to Your New Assistant

In the world of artificial intelligence, there's an exciting tool that's redefining how we interact with and analyze documents. Let's journey through the core features and learn how to make the most out of this innovative technology.

Getting Started

Step One: Prepare Your Data

Begin by gathering the information you wish to analyze. Here's how to get your data into the system:

Uploading Files

· Direct Upload: Use the uploader to add PDFs or text files from your local device.

· From the Web: Paste in a link, and the system will retrieve and ready the data.

Managing Documents

· Edit as Needed: Insert new documents or discard unnecessary ones at any point.

· Efficiency is Key: The system indexes your data in the background, so there's no downtime.

· Monitor Your Data: Keep an eye on how your data impacts your subscription or credit usage.

Customizing Your AI

Step Two: Fine-Tune the Settings

Tailoring your AI is crucial for optimal results:

Select the Right Model

Adjust the AI model and context size to suit your needs, balancing depth and breadth of analysis.

Creativity Control

Set the temperature to dictate the level of creativity or precision in the AI's responses.

Personality and Guiding Prompts

Give the AI a name, persona, and set language preferences, guiding its interaction style.

Sharing Knowledge

Create public datasets with shareable links, spreading your curated information with others.

Engaging with Your Data

Step Three: Start the Conversation

Now, it's time to put AI to the test:

Informed Responses

Queries are answered with citations, including document names and page numbers, or a website source link.

Quick Exports

Instantly download a record of all the questions and answers with a simple click.

Seamless Sessions

Converse with the AI across multiple sessions, picking up exactly where you left off.

Providing Context

Set a chat context, giving the AI foundational knowledge that prefaces every query.

Previewing Sessions

Easily view your interactions across all platforms, be it desktop, mobile, or even Telegram.

Your Support System

Feel free to contact our support team for further assistance or to answer any questions. Find resources and guidance on our help page.

For additional information on the terms and privacy related to using this tool, have a look at our Privacy Po

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