Discover the Simplicity of Integrating ChatGPT on Your Website with Chattie

Have you been considering adding a chatbot to your website to engage with your visitors more interactively? Chattie offers a seamless solution, providing you the ability to incorporate ChatGPT, the renowned AI chatbot, into your online domain with utter ease.

Instantly Supercharge Your Chatbots with Custom Data

Chattie is a game-changer for businesses seeking personalized interaction through their website chatbots. Rather than merely providing generic responses, Chattie allows you to train your chatbots with tailor-made data, ensuring your customers receive information that is unique to your content or services. You can utilize existing web pages or upload files in various formats like PDF, DOCX, EPUB, CSV, or MD, and even input text directly to give your chatbot the knowledge it needs.

User-Friendly Interface with Automatic Prompts

Getting started with Chattie is a breeze, thanks to the automatically generated prompts and snippets, which help set up your chatbot quickly. This user-friendly approach guides you effortlessly through the initial stages of creating a chatbot that's ready to engage.

Make It Uniquely Yours with Full Theme Customization

To ensure that the chatbot fits perfectly with your website's look and feel, Chattie comes with a comprehensive Theme Editor. This includes full CSS support, allowing you to customize themes, tweak icons, and directly edit the CSS to match your style preferences. You can preview changes live on your site, ensuring consistency in design and a seamless user experience.

Valuable Insights with Stats and Dashboards

Understanding your audience is crucial, and Chattie's statistical tools are designed to help you gain deeper insights. The platform generates topics from chat history, laying them out in charts and dashboards so you can track the performance of your chatbots and the interests of your users.

Flexible Plans for Diverse Needs

Chattie offers various pricing plans to accommodate different demands:


Essential: This tier is excellent for starters, offering 5 chatbots, 3,000 messages per month, and 20 MB for training text at $29 per month.


Pro: Geared towards growing businesses, this package includes 20 chatbots, 12,000 messages per month, and 100 MB for training text. It also features white labeling for $99 per month.


Agency: Designed for large-scale operations, the agency tier provides 100 chatbots, 80,000 messages per month, and 1 GB for training text. White labeling is included as well for $499 per month.

Start with a Free Trial

Before committing to a plan, you have the opportunity to try Chattie for free. This allows you to test the platform's capabilities and ensure it's the right fit for your website.

A Trustworthy Platform

Chattie is developed and maintained by jimu Labs Inc., which stands behind its service with a comprehensive Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy to protect your data.

For more details about Chattie, visit their official website.


· Easy integration of ChatGPT into websites

· Personalized chatbot training with custom data

· Automatic prompts for quick setup

· Full customization with theme editor and CSS support

· Metrics and analytics to understand user interactions


· While there is a free trial, cost could be a barrier for some smaller enterprises or individuals

· Limited training text storage for lower tiers

In summary, Chattie presents an innovative and versatile way to enhance your online customer service interface, offering a range of features that can significantly improve interaction on your website. Whether you're starting out or managing a sprawling digital enterprise, Chattie has the capabilities to complement your customer engagement strategy.

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