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November 7, 2023

Are you tired of losing track of all the amazing conversations you have with ChatGPT? It's time to bring in ChatShelf, your friendly AI-powered assistant that seamlessly saves your conversations to Notion. Here's a quick look at what ChatShelf has to offer:


  • Stable, Fast, Beautiful, Great Notion Support!: ChatShelf offers a fast, stable, and beautiful interface with excellent support for Notion's text formatting.
  • One-Click Sync to Notion: With ChatShelf, saving your content to Notion is as easy as clicking a button. No more hassle—just one click and your content is instantly saved.
  • Flawless Text Formatting: Whether it's headings, lists, or code snippets, ChatShelf seamlessly transforms ChatGPT text into Notion Blocks.
  • Reliable, Fast, and Free: Enjoy lightning-fast syncs to Notion with top-notch data security. And the best part? It's all free for you!

How It Works

Engage in deep and meaningful conversations with AI, and rest easy knowing that ChatShelf has your back, seamlessly capturing every insightful moment. With ChatShelf, "You create, I capture."

Get Started

Ready to streamline your ChatGPT conversations and make sure not a single golden nugget of wisdom goes to waste? Get started with ChatShelf now—it's fast, easy, and absolutely free.

In today's fast-paced digital world, having a tool like ChatShelf can make a real difference in how you organize and preserve your valuable conversations. Try it out and see how it can enhance your ChatGPT experience. Happy conversing! 🗨️


  • Seamless integration with Notion.
  • Fast and reliable syncing of content.
  • Free to use with data security prioritized.


  • Limited to Notion integration. Integration with other platforms could be a nice addition.
  • Limited features beyond basic syncing. Additional functionality for organizing and categorizing content could be beneficial.

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