Do you need a chatbot for your business? ChatGPT is here to help! With its AI-powered tool, you can integrate a chatbot into your website or messaging platform.

Benefits of Using ChatGPT

· Easy integration with popular chat channels like Telegram, DingTalk, and Web

· Instantly create a chatbot by uploading your own document

· ChatGPT 3.5 API allows for robust and responsive conversations

· Customizable features to suit your business needs

How to Get Started

1. Register and log in to create a ChatHub account

2. Integrate your chatbot with ChatGPT or upload your own document

3. Connect your chatbot to supported chat channels like Telegram, WeChat Work, and Feishu

User Agreement and Privacy Policy

ChatHub ensures that your personal data and user privacy are of utmost importance. By registering and logging in, you are agreeing to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

For any queries or support, feel free to contact

With ChatGPT, you can provide efficient and AI-powered interactions for your users. No more worrying about staffing a 24/7 customer service team—let ChatGPT handle it for you! Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your business.


· No coding knowledge is required for integration

· Instantly create a chatbot by uploading your own documents

· Customizable features for personalized interactions


· Limited to supported chat channels

· May require some time for initial setup and training

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