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November 22, 2023

Are you in need of reliable news flexibility and conversational interaction? ChatHN is the answer to your call! This open-source AI Chatbot, powered by OpenAI Functions and Vercel AI SDK, is tailored to suit your needs, providing real-time interaction with the Hacker News API using natural human language.

Entering the cusp of the AI revolution, ChatHN is here to serve at your disposal. Whether you need a simple summary, the top news story or a quick update from the Hacker News API, this chatbot is built to cater to a variety of knowledge and conversation.

With an approach mimicking natural language, ChatHN can filter out the top stories on Hacker News using markdown table format. Would you like a delightful markdown table featuring title, link, the story's score, and comments? ChatHN shall meticulously produce that for you, making the tedious task of gathering life's information a breeze, with conversational simplicity.

What's more? Delving deeper, ChatHN can provide those enthralling key tidbits in the comments, summarizing all that a top Hacker News story entails – isn't that then worth the interaction?

Adding an extra element of usability, now you can determine the top story on Hacker News right now. This open-source AI chatbot gathers the freshest news and presents it to you with just a request, making sure you stay updated, sorted, and informed.

You don't need to fret about not programming ChatHN to create top stories' summaries! It's a breeze – just let ChatHN take the reins, and in minutes, you'll have the most recent and crucial information delivered in an affable format! Stop pondering about building your own – you can access our GitHub repository to deploy your very own version, tailoring it to meet your needs and preferences.

What are you waiting for? In this growing age of AI developments, ChatHN is the perfect gateway to a more dynamic and conversational informational exchange. Try it out today and explore the open-source AI chatbot; nothing can beat keeping up with the world's trends. Access ChatHN now and let it add flair to your interaction with news!


  • Delivers updated, real-time information
  • Simple conversational interface for easy interaction
  • Open source, allowing for modification to suit specific needs


  • Occasional reliance on markdown formatting might require slight familiarization with this formatting method and its results.

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