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ChatGPT Graphic AI Art Assistant for WhatsApp

November 22, 2023
ChatGPT Graphic AI Art Assistant for WhatsApp

Do you enjoy creating images with words? The ChatGPT Graphic AI Art Assistant for WhatsApp by Stork Tech is here to help. This AI-based Graphic Art Assistant allows you to create instant images directly in WhatsApp. You can easily turn your words into amazing picture responses.

How it works:

  1. Start by adding the WhatsApp number +16506000350 for the bot to your contacts.
  2. Then, simply direct message the bot with a description of an image you would like it to create.

Features of the AI Image Generator Bot:

  • No special commands: Simply text or dictate the description of an image you want.
  • Voice recognition: The bot understands and transcribes voice messages.
  • Convenient access: Add it to your address book to easily message it.
  • Personalized responses: Get a unique picture as a response based on your description.

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Ready to unleash your visual creativity with the ChatGPT Bot in WhatsApp and exercise your imagination in a fun and innovative way? It’s time to make your words come alive instantly with this cool and intuitive tool. Happy creating!

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