Welcome to Holocat: Your Bitcoin Companion

Holocat is an engaging online tool crafted to enhance your understanding of Bitcoin technology and its rich history. It’s ideal for those who wish to delve into the intricacies of the cryptocurrency world, from its fascinating historical evolution to the advanced technical details that power the Bitcoin network today.

Dive Deep into Bitcoin Knowledge with CoreDev Bot

When you interact with CoreDev Bot, you're tapping into the wisdom of a Bitcoin Core Seer. It's like having a conversation about Bitcoin’s underlying mechanics – whether you're curious about the significance of NodeContext, the nuances of transaction states, or other core concepts.

Learn from the Best with the Bitcoin Experts Bots

Holocat offers a unique experience by allowing you to "chat" with various personas inspired by well-known Bitcoin developers and educators. These bots, albeit fictional, offer insights that reflect public writings and contributions of actual Bitcoin experts.

· Matt Corallo Bot enlightens you on topics such as the rationale behind compact blocks and the significance of miner decentralization.

· Greg Maxwell Bot discusses advanced proposals like Graftroot and explains the intricacies of Confidential Transactions.

· Andrew Chow Bot dives into the importance of Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions and the advantages of descriptor wallets.

· Olaoluwa Osuntokun Bot provides clarity on the Lightning Network, including atomic multi-path payments and onion routing principles.

· Murch Bot is a go-to for understanding wallet development topics like coin selection and UTXO management.

· Andreas Antonopoulos Bot demystifies complex concepts such as Schnorr signatures and presents bitcoin mining in an easily comprehensible manner.

Uncover the Inner Workings of Bitcoin

ChatBTC is more than just an educational platform. It is a treasure trove of insights gathered from numerous authoritative sources in the Bitcoin ecosystem, including:

· Bitcoin-dev and Lightning dev mailing lists

· Bitcoin StackExchange

· Bitcoin Optech

· BTC Transcripts

ChatBTC isn't only about providing information; it’s about fostering an understanding of the changing landscape of digital currency through thoughtful conversation with "expert" bots.

Pros and Cons of Using Holocat


· Educational: Offers a unique learning experience for both beginners and seasoned Bitcoin enthusiasts.

· Resourceful: Pulls knowledge from credible and well-established Bitcoin communities and documentation.

· Accessible: Easy to use and available to anyone with an internet connection.


· Artificial Intelligence: While the AI mimics real authors, the conversations are not with real experts, and nuances may be lost.

· Complex Topics: Some discussions might be too technical for beginners without a basic understanding of Bitcoin.

To explore Holocat and expand your Bitcoin knowledge, share your feedback, or keep track of the platform's popularity, visit ChatBTC and dive into an immersive educational experience.

Built with dedication and ❤️ by The Bitcoin Dev Project, ChatBTC is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Bitcoin community, aiming to enlighten and inspire users worldwide.

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