Census GPT

You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.Hey! The team behind CensusGPT is now working on Julius, your personal AI data analyst Check out Julius →DismissStar on GitHubDiscordCensus GPTSearchTry one of these examples: 💰Richest neighborhood in Houston, TX👥Which area in San Francisco has the highest racial diversity and what is the percentage population of each race in that area?🚓Five cities in Florida with the highest crime👥3 neighborhoods in San Francisco that have the highest female to male ratioNote: CensusGPT currently only has data for crime, demographics, income, education levels, and population in the USA. But we are working to add more data!Census data is sourced from the 2021 ACS (latest). Crime data is sourced from the FBI's 2019 UCR (latest).

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