Discover CareerPen: Your AI-Assisted Cover Letter Creator

Job hunting can often feel overwhelming, especially when you're faced with the task of writing multiple cover letters. Fortunately, CareerPen is here to alleviate that stress. A handy browser extension, CareerPen crafts personalized cover letters for any job advertisement by utilizing the details from your LinkedIn profile.

Personalized Cover Letters with Ease

CareerPen stands out by providing cover letters customized to each specific job post you're eyeing. The tool does the heavy lifting by analyzing the job description and syncing with the information from your LinkedIn, ensuring that every cover letter you send accentuates your skills and experiences suited to the role. It's like having a personal assistant who knows your professional story and presents it in the best possible light for each application.

A Swift Solution

Imagine being able to send out a well-crafted cover letter within a minute. That's what CareerPen offers. This efficiency means you can apply to more jobs each day without compromising on the quality of your applications. The time you’d spend painstakingly tailoring each cover letter can now be invested into other parts of your job search, like networking or preparing for interviews.

Uncomplicated and Accessible

The ease of using CareerPen is one of its main draws. Once the extension is added, a simple click on a button next to the LinkedIn job post provides you with a cover letter for that position. And for jobs outside LinkedIn? Simply select the job post text, copy it, and paste it onto the CareerPen dashboard to generate your cover letter just as effortlessly.

Security Matters

For those concerned about online security, CareerPen provides reassurance. The browser extension is not only secure but also open source. Even better, you can enjoy all of CareerPen's benefits without needing to add the extension, ensuring flexibility and security in how you choose to use the service.

Affordable Options for Everyone

CareerPen understands that job seekers may have different needs, which is why it offers a flexible pricing model with one-time payment options, completely bypassing the need for subscriptions.

· Starter Pack: Aimed at those who apply sparingly, offering 10 letters at $0.50 per letter.

· Pro Pack: For the more active job seeker, with 30 letters priced at $0.33 each.

· Premium Pack: The best value for the prolific applicant, providing 120 letters at just $0.17 per letter.

Any Additional Questions?

CareerPen is continuously improving and one such upcoming feature includes generating responses for HR survey questions encountered during the LinkedIn ‘Quick Apply’ process. This feature aims to further streamline the application process, allowing you to send out a higher volume of quality applications.

Whether you want to generate cover letters for job postings inside or outside of LinkedIn, CareerPen offers the flexibility to support both options. The tool truly writes cover letters as if they were from you, by first extracting your professional information from your LinkedIn profile then integrating it with job post details to craft tailored cover letters.

When it comes to privacy, CareerPen retains only your LinkedIn profile's public data necessary for generating your cover letters and does not sell your data.

For more information or to share your suggestions, feel free to contact CareerPen through their available channels.

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