Career Test

Discover Your Ikigai: Finding the Essence of Your Career

Are you hoping to discover what truly drives your career? Or are you unsure about which career path to take? If so, Intelligent Career can help. We've utilized the power of AI to assist you in finding your personal "reason to exist" in your work – known as "ikigai."

Here's a step-by-step roadmap to get you started:

Unleashing Your Potential

  • Complete our proven competency test from your phone.
  • In just a few minutes, you'll discover your two main powers.
  • The test will reveal three career paths suited to you, along with three business ideas that match your talents and passions.

The Power of Ikigai

We believe in the concept of ikigai, a term rooted in Japanese culture that helps you find purpose and fulfillment in your work. This isn't just about making a living; it's about finding joy in what you do and aligning with your passions, talents, societal needs, and remuneration.

Understanding Your Passions

It's easy to forget our passions amidst daily responsibilities. But when we take the time to explore them, we realize our extraordinary potential. What really makes time fly by for you? What puts you in a state of flow? Uncovering your passions is essential to finding fulfillment in your work.

Creating Your Ikigai

When you combine your passions with your strengths, you pave the way for your ikigai. Knowing what you love and what you're good at can lead to creating something that the world needs – and something for which you can be rewarded.


Our career test has been transformative for many individuals:

  • Natalia, a corporate employee, found profound insights that reshaped her career aspirations.
  • Marcin, a JavaScript developer, used the test to understand his career goals and has found a job that brings him professional satisfaction.
  • Aneta, a career counselor, praised the accuracy and clarity of our test results.

Who We Are

Intelligent Career is a group of seasoned psychologists and professional advisors deeply committed to unlocking human potential. Using our skills and leveraging the latest AI technologies, we provide innovative programs and services to help you achieve your career dreams.

We understand that finding the right career path can be challenging, but with the right guidance and self-discovery tools, you can unlock your true potential and lead a fulfilling professional life. Take the first step and embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery with our expertise and guidance.


  • Quick and efficient competency test.
  • Reveals multiple career options suited to individual strengths.
  • Practical application of the ikigai concept.


  • Limited to individual preferences and talents.
  • Though precise, results may still require further reflection.

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