Introducing Capsule, a groundbreaking video editor designed to cater to the demands of content and marketing teams. This AI-powered tool has revolutionized video editing by significantly enhancing the speed and simplicity of turning raw footage into polished, professional videos.

Speed and Efficiency

When compared with some of the leading video editors in a side-by-side test, Capsule sets a new performance benchmark. It's been found to be up to:

· 12 times faster than Descript

· 11 times faster than VEED

· 9 times faster than Adobe

· 8 times faster than Canva

This speed means that from the moment you upload raw footage to Capsule, you are only seconds away from having a stunning, audience-ready video.

On-Brand Content Creation

One of the key features of Capsule is its motion design system. This system allows large teams, especially corporations with a defined brand aesthetic, to produce visually appealing, on-brand motion graphics effectively without the constant need for a designer's touch.

User-Friendly Design

Capsule has been built for usability. It prides itself on being the video editor for "the rest of us," meaning no professional video editing experience is necessary. With just a browser and a story to tell, you can craft videos of professional quality.

AI Co-Producer™

Meet your new virtual production assistant, AI Co-Producer™. This feature tackles all the monotonous aspects of editing. From trimming silences and cutting out filler words to refining the final post-production touches, AI Co-Producer™ streamlines the process efficiently.

Intuitive Editing

Editing a video in Capsule is as straightforward as editing text. Once the footage is uploaded and transcribed, you can easily make cuts and format in one interface, making the entire video editing workflow as intuitive as document editing.

Professional-Grade Quality

With Capsule, you have the ability to add sleek, studio-quality titles, lower thirds, and animations to your video instantly, giving your footage a polished, professional look.

Captivating Captions

High-quality, easy-to-read subtitles can be generated in seconds thanks to AI, with option to customize position, size, and style swiftly.

AI-Generated Titles and B-Roll

AI Co-Producer™ also assists in generating compelling titles with copywriting suggestions that you can fine-tune and animate. Moreover, you can say goodbye to generic stock footage as Capsule can create original, tailored B-roll content from text.

Industry Endorsements

Capsule has earned the praise of many industry leaders:

· "We're able to tell stories with video at scale for the first time." - Kate Bedingfield, Former Comms Director at The White House

· "Turn raw footage into a professional video with AI." - Kipp Bodnar, CMO at HubSpot

· "Video editing much easier." - Kieran Flanagan, CMO at Zapier

· "Absolutely mindblowing." - Cameron Baughn, Founder at DesignFriend

· "Less than 2 mins? Yes!" - Gabriel Trosell, Entrepreneur

In Summary

Capsule stands out as a transformative tool for video editing, optimizing the process for time efficiency, simplification, and quality output. Its AI features liberate creators from the intricacies of traditional video editing, making it an attractive option for teams seeking to scale their video content production.

The advantages of Capsule are clear: speed, ease of use, brand consistency, and the innovative AI Co-Producer™. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a content creator in a marketing team, or a communication professional, Capsule aims to solve significant video editing challenges and help you tell your story through video like never before.

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