Revolutionize Your Work Journey with Campbell's AI

Are you tired of spending hours writing performance reviews and cover letters? Campbell's AI-powered platform is here to help you excel in your career while also nurturing your team's growth.

How It Works

Our AI assistant allows you to quickly translate your thoughts into complete, professional feedback in just seconds. With Campbell, you can write performance reviews for your direct reports, managers, or peers in a 360-degree feedback process. You can also customize the wording choices based on the tone you want to communicate. It's like having a personal writing assistant, always at your side!


Still not convinced? Sarah, a senior marketing manager, says, "It translates my thoughts into complete, professional feedback in seconds, freeing up time to focus on face-to-face conversations. Highly recommend." And Mark, an engineering manager, agrees, saying, "What a lifesaver in performance review season! It is a valuable tool for streamlining the review process and saving time."



  • Saves you time by generating quick, personalized feedback
  • Streamlines the performance review process
  • Helps you excel professionally by generating customized cover letters
  • Provides valuable insights to nurture your team's growth
  • Can be used by managers, HR professionals, and team leaders


  • May lack the personal touch of a manually crafted review
  • Could potentially generate generic content if not carefully customized by the user

What are you waiting for? It's time to revolutionize the way you conduct performance reviews and write cover letters. You can try out Campbell for free and experience the power of AI to optimize your career and leadership.

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