Embrace the AI Revolution: Transform Your Voice into Blogs with Ease

In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, staying ahead in the content creation game becomes crucial. Thankfully, the digital era has brought us innovative tools to streamline this process, and now you can convert your spoken words directly into written ones with incredible ease.

This advanced tool comes equipped with a suite of features tailored specifically for content creators. Let’s delve into what this AI-based platform offers:

Smart Prompting

Forget the hassle of staring at a blank screen. With smart prompting, your voice takes the lead. As you articulate your thoughts, the editor will catch on and offer ideas and references instantly.

Diverse Input Methods
  • Audio-based Prompting: No matter how jumbled your speech, this editor elegantly organizes your thoughts into coherent text.
  • File-based Prompting: Simply upload a document, instruct the editor, and watch as your content manifests without further ado.
  • URL-based Prompting: Drop in a link, provide directions, and like magic, your content comes to life.
Intuitive Editing Experience
  • Smart Editor: From the first brainstorm to the final touches, the editing process is utterly effortless.
  • Selection Toolbar: Want to tweak a particular section? Highlight, hit the AI Edit button, and the changes appear as if by wand.
  • Slash Menu: Just type '/' and command the AI to generate content on demand.
Efficiency Tools
  • Repurposing Copilot: One idea can be transformed into multiple content formats, seamlessly and quickly.
  • Real-time Grammar Feedback: With an integrated Grammarly plugin, writing with perfect grammar is no longer a distant dream.

This is just the beginning. The platform is continuously evolving, with new features on the horizon. And you can even suggest features to tailor the tool to your needs.

Flexible Pricing for Everyone

Choose the pricing plan that suits you:

  • Free Plan: Start without spending a dime – ideal for testing the waters.
  • Monthly Unlimited: At an affordable fee, enjoy unlimited posts and materials and access all features.
  • Lifetime Unlimited: Make a one-time investment and never worry about content creation limits again. Plus, you'll receive all future updates at no extra charge.

Do consider that lifetime users will need to integrate their own OpenAI API Key for continued usage on this platform. Rest assured, your key remains secure in your local browser for safekeeping.

Brought to life by Tuan and Tham, two passionate indie hackers from Vietnam, this tool is part of their quest to enhance content production. This dynamic duo is committed to delivering quality at speed, all the while focusing on the tools that will shape the future of content creation.

Crafted by Squid & Fish Digitals, this tool is a testament to the innovative spirit of independent creators everywhere.

Say goodbye to the old routines and hello to a new era of content creation. Join the journey and explore the benefits of AI-assisted writing. For any inquiries or further information, reach out at

Pros and Cons of Using an AI-Powered Writing Tool
  • Speed and Efficiency: Rapid content creation saves time and effort.
  • Diverse Input Options: Accommodates various methods for starting your content.
  • Smart Editing Tools: Ease of editing significantly reduces the usual headache associated with revisions.
  • Affordability: Flexible and economical pricing plans make it accessible to all.
  • Learning Curve: New technologies require a period of adjustment.
  • Dependency on Technology: Over-reliance could impact traditional writing skills.
  • API Key for Lifetime Users: Additional step for lifetime plan users who need to set up their OpenAI API Key.

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