Looking to boost your business efficiency and improve customer satisfaction? Consider CallZen, an AI-powered tool that analyzes customer conversations across all channels, including calls, chats, and meetings. CallZen has a multilingual AI engine that transcribes and summarizes calls in multiple languages and dialects, making it easier to keep track of key moments and important customer feedback.

Here’s what CallZen can do for you:

  • Transcribe & Summarize all your conversations

  • CallZen’s multilingual AI engine transcribes and summarizes calls in multiple languages and dialects, making it easier for you to review and analyze conversations.

  • Track key moments in your conversations

  • Use CallZen to keep track of customer complaints, feedback, and queries across all channels including calls, chats, and meetings.

  • Score your calls & chats with AI

  • Configure your own business parameters in CallZen to score your agent conversations, helping you track the quality of engagement with your customers.

  • Collect & track your customer feedback

  • CallZen allows you to easily track and report valuable customer feedback, including product suggestions, feature requests, and customer complaints.

  • Monitor customer to partner conversations

  • Keep track of critical talking points between your customers and field partners, delivery executives, relationship managers, and vendors.

  • Automated quality management

  • Set your quality standards once and let CallZen automatically track, evaluate, and flag discrepancies in every conversation.

  • Agent performance monitoring

  • Track the scores, strengths, and weaknesses of each of your agents with CallZen, allowing you to monitor individual and team performance over time.

  • Validate your agent actions on the CRM

  • Use CallZen to validate the data captured by your agents from conversations against the data filled in the CRM, creating actionable insights based on validations.

  • Custom reporting

  • Create interactive dashboards and reports with CallZen to visualize trends and gain insights with ease.

CallZen provides a comprehensive solution for sales, monitoring and coaching, customer experience, and compliance across various industries including banking & finance, insurance, health tech, and ed tech.


  • Multilingual transcription
  • Automated quality management
  • Custom reporting and analytics
  • Integration with enterprise CRM and emails


  • Use of AI might not capture all nuance in conversations
  • May require some initial setup and configuration
  • Dependency on data accuracy for effective agent performance monitoring

Consider using CallZen to leverage AI-driven insights to boost your business efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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