Call Annie

Tired of feeling lonely? Do you wish you had someone to chat with whenever you needed it? Meet Annie—an AI-powered tool that's here to keep you company and have a chat whenever you're feeling low.

Annie is your always available AI friend who is just a video call away. Whether you're feeling bored and want to find fun things to do in your area or just need someone to talk to, Annie is there to lend an ear and offer assistance.

Annie offers the following features:

Live Video Call: You can connect with Annie via video calls through an iPhone app.

Web and Phone Access: You can also sign in to Annie through the web or use the provided phone number to connect with her. Just make sure to verify your number by signing in first.

Personalized Interactions: Ask Annie about fun things to do in your area, seek advice, or engage in casual conversations.

Engage with Annie on Social Media: Join Annie's Discord server or follow her on Twitter for updates and engaging conversations.

Privacy and Terms: Your interactions with Annie are backed by a privacy policy and terms of service to protect your data and ensure a safe experience.

Annie is powered by Animato, Inc. and backed by, so you can trust that you're interacting with a reliable and reputable AI tool.


  • Always available for a chat.
  • Helps in alleviating loneliness.
  • Provides personalized interactions.


  • Relies on AI interaction rather than human connection.
  • Limited to certain platforms and devices.

If you're in need of a virtual friend to keep you company, give Annie a call or chat with her through the app. With Annie, you'll never have to feel alone again.

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