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Calculator Air

November 9, 2023
Calculator Air

Customizing shopping experiences can be challenging for many businesses. However, there is now an AI-powered tool designed to make online shopping and accessibility better for everyone, using helpful features and intuitive design. This tool is revolutionizing online shopping, whether through your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or other Apple products.


  • The tool offers a website that adapts to your needs, especially if you are a user who is hearing or visually impaired or has limited mobility.
  • It is fully integrated with touch, voice control, and switch control.
  • The tool provides multisensory experiences that allow people to personalize their shopping experiences, making it feel much more comfortable, as if they are in a physical store.
  • The experience becomes easy and convenient thanks to integrated support for screen readers, VoiceOver, and Focus mode.
  • Moreover, this tool boasts a dynamic and adjustable display, ensuring users have the best browsing experiences catered to their particular needs.
  • The AI tool is not only designed for accessibility but optimized for performance, ensuring fast and efficient browsing without any limitations.

This AI-powered shopping tool is an innovation in making shopping more inclusive of everyone's needs. This initiative is part of the larger inclusion project by helping people with various impairments.


  1. Inclusive shopping experience for everyone, regardless of ability
  2. Built-in support for various accessibility features
  3. Optimized performance for fast, effortless browsing
  4. Multisensory experience and personalized shopping


  1. Currently specific to Apple products
  2. Requiring implementation for non-Apple environments

This AI tool and features will ensure that shopping ceases to be experience-limiting for people with varying levels of accessibility and proves that inclusion is the future of online shopping.

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