Buzzli is an AI-powered tool designed for LinkedIn to help you create and manage content. With Buzzli, you can reach new viewers and increase your followers with impressive content.


· Topic Generation

· Automated Post Writing

· Post Enhancement

· Comment Generator

· Hook Generator

· Inspiration Hub

How it works:

1. Enter Idea: Share your thought in the TOPIC GENERATOR to get AI-generated content suggestions.

2. Write Post: Type up your LinkedIn post freely or use the SPACE for "Write LinkedIn post with AI" section to get an instant write-up.

3. Improve Post: If you have a pre-made post, or wish to better the ones generated, use the section "Improve LinkedIn post".

Buzzli is free for everyone, with credit limits refreshing every 30 days. Share, save, and enhance posts on your personal and company profiles.

Through natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Buzzli tailors unique content specifically for you, making every message and every post a perfect fit for your goals and style. This tool will undoubtedly help you save time, improve your reach and make impactful impressions on the LinkedIn circuit.


· Free to use

· Automated post improvement

· Perfect for personal and company profiles

· User-friendly


· Limited credit

· Dependency on the AI-generated suggestions

Take your LinkedIn content and presence to a whole new level with Buzzli, the future of AI-assisted content management. Sign up and elevate your personal and brand online presence!

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