Simplifying Your Text Editing and Translation Needs

Editing large chunks of text or translating documents can often be a cumbersome task, especially when you're dealing with word count limitations in most editing interfaces. But there’s good news for writers, editors, and translators who frequently find themselves bogged down by such constraints.

Meet the Bulk Corrector, an innovative solution that takes the labor out of largescale text editing. Whether you're refining a draft of your latest novel, polishing an extensive blog post, or fine-tuning a heartfelt letter, this tool is here to streamline your workflow.

Editing Made Easy

One of the standout features of Bulk Corrector is its capability to manage bulk corrections. This means no matter how long your text is, this intuitive application can handle it all at once. It eradicates the need to tediously split your text into smaller sections just to fit the standard limits set by other interfaces.

Comprehensive Translations

Not only does Bulk Corrector excel at correcting grammar and spelling errors, but it also offers bulk translations. Imagine having the power to translate your complete manuscript or report in a single stroke. The tool utilizes advanced AI to support translations, maintaining the context and nuances of your original text.

Tailored to Your Needs

The flexibility doesn't end there. With Bulk Corrector, you can work with custom prompts, ensuring your AI experience is finely tuned to your unique textual demands.

Transparent Pricing Structure

· Free Plan: Perfect for the casual or small-scale writer, this option lets you correct up to 32,000 characters and translate text into any language with pre-defined prompts. Although there's a limit on the historical data you can access, it's a robust starting point for those routine editing tasks.

· Premium Plan: If writing is more than just a hobby for you, the premium option lifts all limitations. Offering unlimited document sizes, the ability to create custom prompts, and unrestricted access to historical edits, this package serves the needs of any professional writer. At a price point that's a bargain for the services provided, your translation capabilities also get a significant boost, with support in all languages.

Designed with Passion

The Bulk Corrector is crafted with care and attention to detail. Its development showcases a passion for helping writers and translators streamline what can often be an exhausting aspect of their work.

Personal Touch

If you're keen on learning more about the tool or have questions beyond its functionality, the creator of Bulk Corrector, Melvynx, is reachable on Twitter. It's not just about offering a service; it’s about building a community around effective communication and text management.

Pros and Cons of Bulk Corrector


· Manages editing and translations in bulk, saving time.

· Custom prompts allow for personalized AI responses.

· Transparent pricing with a generously featured free tier.

· User-friendly interface that simplifies the editing process.

· No need to divide text due to large input capability.


· The premium plan is a paid service, which might not suit all budgets.

· History access is limited in the free version, which may hinder some users.

· It relies on an internet connection, so availability might be an issue in remote or offline areas.

In summary, Bulk Corrector is a game-changer for anyone who works with text in large volumes. Offering both simplicity and depth, it’s a tool that could very well become a mainstay in your writing or translating toolkit. To give it a whirl, visit their app and see how it can amplify your productivity.

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