In today’s digital landscape, keeping your audience informed about product updates is crucial for maintaining engagement and interest. This can be a time-consuming process, especially for developers who need to focus on improving their products. Here's where Buildshare steps in to streamline your workflow.

Simplify Your Social Media Announcements

Buildshare is an innovative tool designed to help developers and product managers effortlessly share product updates on social media platforms like Twitter. The process is beautifully simple and can be initiated in a matter of minutes without any cost.

How Buildshare Works

· Connect Your Github: The first step is to link your project’s GitHub repository to Buildshare.

· Ship New Code: Every time you merge a pull request or push a new commit to your main branch, you're ready for the next step.

· Automatic Tweet Creation: Buildshare creates a tweet automatically, ready to announce your latest product feature.

By using this tool, you are ensuring that your work gets the attention it deserves without having to spend extra time crafting updates for social media.

The Advantages of Using Buildshare


Efficiency: Buildshare saves precious time by automating the creation of social media posts.


Consistency: We all know that regular updates are important on social media, and Buildshare maintains that consistency without extra effort from you.


Optimization: The tool creates posts leveraging best practices to grab attention and ignite curiosity about your product.


Engagement: It keeps your users updated in real time, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to inform them about new features and improvements.

Try Buildshare Today

Start using Buildshare for free and see how it can transform the way you announce product updates. Say goodbye to the additional task of marketing every small change, and hello to more time focusing on what you do best – building an amazing product.

Have Questions or Suggestions?

If you're curious about Buildshare, have ideas for its improvement, or simply want to chat about its potential, the team behind Buildshare would be thrilled to converse with you.

To learn more, feel free to reach out and start a conversation. The path to streamlined product update announcements begins with Buildshare.


While the benefits of Buildshare are evident, it's also important to consider that reliance on automated tools requires trust in the quality of the generated content. Moreover, automatic posts may sometimes lack the personal touch that some audiences appreciate.

Use Buildshare wisely, supplement its automated posts with personalized engagement when necessary, and you may find it a valuable addition to your product announcement strategy.

Transform the way you communicate product updates with Buildshare – where the focus is on building your product, not tweeting about it.

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