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Building a ChatGPT Plugin for Medium

May 17, 2024
Building a ChatGPT Plugin for Medium

The ChatGPT Medium Plugin

Content creators may find the new ChatGPT Medium Plugin interesting. This plugin, powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT, offers new ways to interact with content.

What is a ChatGPT Plugin?

· A ChatGPT Plugin is a feature for ChatGPT, designed to address its lack of access to the internet and up-to-date content.

· It enables content platforms like Medium to expose their content to ChatGPT, allowing users to trigger the correct API of your plugins to retrieve and manipulate content based on a user prompt.

Technical Exploration

How It Works

Building a ChatGPT plugin is fairly simple. You just need to expose a .well-known/ai-plugin.json on your domain, providing basic information for ChatGPT to understand that your domain supports plugins. This includes linking appropriate descriptions, icons, and other relevant information to the end user when installing the plugin.

API Specification

The most important part is the OpenAPI YAML file you expose, which allows ChatGPT to understand your API. This specification uses the OpenAPI specification, providing a standardized way to describe your API's capabilities.


The MediumGPT microservice, developed primarily in Go, serves as a middleware to expose parts of Medium's internal API as a standard REST API, enabling seamless integration with ChatGPT.

Pros and Cons


· Extends the capabilities of ChatGPT to access and manipulate content from external sources.

· Opens up new interactive opportunities for content creators and users.


· Currently in the private alpha stage, with limited availability.

Future Possibilities

While the MediumGPT plugin is still a proof of concept, it demonstrates the potential of integrating ChatGPT with various content platforms. With the ability to fetch and manipulate content, future iterations may enable ChatGPT to have richer and more up-to-date data at its fingertips, providing users with even more comprehensive and accurate information in response to their queries.

The development and exploration of ChatGPT plugins like the MediumGPT plugin represent an exciting step forward in AI capabilities. As more plugins are developed and integrated, the possibilities for this technology will only continue to expand.

So, stay tuned - the future of AI-powered content manipulation is just getting started!

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