Are you someone who wants help with everyday tasks and business analyses at work? Imagine if there were digital assistants who could do these tasks for you without any human intervention. Meet Herbie - your new AI work assistant.

About Herbie

Herbie is driven by advanced AI to execute complex tasks. He has been designed to handle a myriad of responsibilities in businesses. From writing high-quality, well-cited content in your voice and building new content narratives to carrying out thorough research on market trends, competitors, or research and development, Herbie does it all for you.

How Herbie Boosts Your Productivity

With Herbie, you can avoid spending your time on repetitive tasks that are better handled by AI. By letting him handle these tasks, individuals and businesses can focus on more critical aspects of their work. Given Herbie’s efficiency and speed, it's like having a marketing team and a research department all rolled into one brilliant AI system. Whether you're burned out on writing content or dreading handling market research, Herbie is your ticket to work-life balance and increased productivity.

How to Get Early Access

If you're ready to skip the tiring repetitive tasks and focus on what matters most, Herbie is ready to help. Enter your email and stay ahead of the curve by being one of the first businesses to make the most of this ingenious AI service.

Pros and Cons of Herbie:


  • Herbie saves time on a range of tasks, from research to content creation, making you and your team more productive.
  • Boosts output quality and ensures well-cited and well-referenced content.
  • If there's repetitive work, Herbie can handle it more efficiently, freeing you up for strategic thinking.
  • Helps in maintaining your brand's consistent voice.


  • As with all AI, Herbie may have limitations in tasks that require complex emotional or highly creative responses.
  • Initial management and setup require some time and effort investment.

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