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Brisk Teaching

November 9, 2023
Brisk Teaching

Introducing Brisk Teaching

Brisk Teaching is a free AI-powered Chrome extension designed to make educators' lives easier by streamlining various teaching tasks. With Brisk Teaching, you can easily change the reading level of any webpage, write curriculum in Google Docs, generate feedback for students, and even detect student use of AI.

How it Works

Brisk Teaching integrates directly with tools like Google Docs, Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology, allowing for seamless usability. Whether you want to adjust the reading level of content or provide targeted feedback to students, Brisk Teaching is there to make the process smoother and more efficient.


  • Reading Level Conversion: Transform content to match different reading levels, making it accessible to a wider audience of students.
  • Curriculum Generation: Write curriculum in Google Docs effortlessly, saving time in lesson planning and content creation.
  • AI Detection: Detect student use of AI, ensuring academic integrity and original work.

Feedback Capabilities

Brisk Teaching also offers robust feedback features for educators, including:

  • Targeted AI Feedback: Draft specific, in-line, standards-aligned feedback in seconds, saving hours of grading time.
  • General AI Feedback: Get balanced, constructive feedback suggestions to help students improve their work across various subjects and assignment types.


  • Saves time for educators, allowing them to focus more on teaching than prep work
  • Offers targeted and general AI feedback to help students improve their work


  • Currently available exclusively as a Chrome extension
  • Requires online access to use the AI features

With Brisk Teaching, educators can cut down on the time they spend on administrative tasks and focus more on what really matters: teaching. Whether you're looking to simplify grading processes, adjust reading levels for diverse learners, or ensure academic integrity with AI detection, Brisk Teaching has you covered.

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