BrightBid is an AI advertising technology that leverages the power of Google and Microsoft's own AI and ad automation to supercharge your ad performance. This tool is designed to help marketers make informed decisions, reduce PPC costs, and drive greater value from their online advertising efforts.

By using BrightBid's AI engine, you gain transparent control over your ad inventory and increase revenue with their AI for PPC and Google Shopping ads. The tool helps marketing teams reduce CPCs and increase their return on ad spend by speeding up testing on your ads account, leading to more revenue with less spending.

  1. Reduced PPC Costs: In a market where PPC costs are high, BrightBid's AI engine helps you reduce CPCs and increase your return on ad spend, making your campaigns more cost-effective.
  2. International Expansion: BrightBid has the capability to expand your reach into international markets. Their AI engine can translate paid search ads into multiple languages, select keywords based on local demand, and capture local nuances to make your ads more effective.
  3. Paid Search Expertise: BrightBid has a team of highly experienced paid search experts guiding their product development, enhancing your Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads AI bidding engine, making it a reliable and effective tool for your advertising needs.

BrightBid is an AI-powered tool that can help you optimize your paid search and Google Shopping ads, reduce costs, and expand your global reach.

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