Discover Brandwise: A Digital Guardian for Your Brand

In the ever-evolving world of social media, protecting your brand's image can be a daunting task. Brandwise is at the forefront of brand management technology, offering a state-of-the-art solution to safeguard your online presence around the clock.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 Protection: Whether your content is organic or paid, Brandwise is your vigilant protector, operating non-stop to shield your brand from unsavory comments on social media.

  • Sentiment Analysis: Empowered by sophisticated algorithms, Brandwise effortlessly sifts through comments on your posts and ads, concealing those that are harmful, offensive, or spam.

  • Discretion is Key: Comments that could tarnish your brand's reputation are hidden so only the comment’s author can see them, ensuring a clean public interface.

  • Tailor-Made Filters: You have the power to customize your experience by adding specific keywords, which will trigger automatic removal when detected.

  • Engagement Made Easier: Brandwise doesn't just filter out the negative; it also flags comments that require your attention, allowing for swift and efficient engagement directly from the dashboard.

  • Multilingual Moderation: With the capacity to moderate in 95 languages, Brandwise stands as a global solution for brand management.

  • Collaborate as a Team: Set up an unlimited number of user accounts for your organization, so your team can manage your brand’s presence together.

Flexible Pricing Options

Brandwise values inclusivity, offering flexible plans to accommodate both small individual brands and large enterprise businesses.

  • Free Trial: Dip your toes into the brand protection waters with a no-cost 7-day trial, which includes up to 1 social media account and a budget for 100 comments processed monthly.

  • Standard Plans: The individual and small brand plan starts at a budget-friendly $20/month, while the Pro plan geared towards larger teams is priced at $79/month, offering more capacity for social media accounts and comments.

  • Enterprise Solution: For those with extensive brand management needs, the Enterprise tier provides a customized solution with priority support, and the ability to process an unrestricted number of comments.

Brandwise operates with a simple, no credit card required policy for trials, providing an effortless start to your journey of brand protection.

In the modern digital landscape, your brand's reputation is paramount. With Brandwise, you gain a dedicated ally that works tirelessly to ensure your social media platforms are free of negative content that could be detrimental to your image online.

Click here to arm your brand with Brandwise’s powerful protective features and start your journey towards a pristine social media presence.

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