Discover the Power of AI-Driven Social Media Moderation with BrandFort

Social media is an integral part of digital marketing and brand presence. However, as your brand grows online, so does the inevitable influx of negativity, spam, and unwanted comments that can tarnish your brand's image. This is where BrandFort steps in to shield your social media presence. Let's dive into what BrandFort has to offer.

Protecting Your Brand on Social Media

BrandFort is an innovative tool designed to automate the moderation of your social media channels, specifically on Facebook and Instagram. By harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it swiftly identifies and hides comments that contain:

· Complaints

· Negativity

· Spam

· Politically sensitive content

· Profanity

· Offensive material

Your Trusted Social Media Guardian

Companies like Swiss Food Box have placed their trust in BrandFort to safeguard their e-commerce store's social media pages. They have benefitted from thousands of comments being checked, ensuring day-to-day operations proceed without the threat of damaging feedback or disruptive spam.

User Questions Addressed

BrandFort's AI system boasts an impressive 96% accuracy rate, which is consistently being improved upon through re-training for even greater precision. While the service currently covers Facebook and Instagram, development efforts are underway to include YouTube in the near future.

The benefits of using BrandFort do not bind you to lengthy contracts. You're given the flexibility of a monthly subscription, which you can upgrade or cancel at any time. Also, the site's transactions are secured by Stripe, meeting the highest level of payment industry standards.

Free Plan and Hootsuite Integration

For those who want to test the waters, BrandFort gladly offers a robust free plan. Moreover, for Hootsuite users, BrandFort is listed as an officially integrated app, enabling you to effortlessly incorporate BrandFort's service into your existing Hootsuite workflow.

The Origin of BrandFort

The idea for BrandFort was born out of necessity. When the founders created their start-up, they quickly gathered a community of over 10,000 users across Facebook and Instagram. The realization that a vibrant online community also attracted negative aspects led to the creation of BrandFort—an efficient solution to keep your social media profiles free of unwanted content.

Get Started with BrandFort

BrandFort invites you to experience peace of mind with their service. You can try it out for free or reach out with any inquiries. As Dominik Huber, the co-founder of BrandFort, asserts, protecting your brand on social media should be among your top priorities. BrandFort stands ready to ensure that your online community reflects the positive image you've worked hard to cultivate.

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