Experience the Power of Custom AI Agents with BrainSoup

Ever dreamed of having a dedicated team of AI agents that follow your instructions just like any other team member? Meet BrainSoup, the AI platform that is changing the way we work. This pioneering platform allows you to create custom AI agents tailored to your specific needs, whether it's handling routine tasks or tackling complex assignments.

Crafted to Work Together

Through BrainSoup, you establish a network of AI agents capable of working in unison. Imagine combining the strengths of different agents to address demanding projects, all coordinated through simple, conversational language. This multi-agent collaboration mimics the synergy of a human workgroup, streamlining your workflow significantly.

Advanced and Personable AI

BrainSoup's intelligence derives from cutting-edge Large Language Models, including systems similar to ChatGPT, complemented by Semantic Kernel technology. These advancements grant the AI agents an ability to "remember" and recognize you, along with understanding context and referencing past interactions. This creates an experience where the AI doesn't just work for you—it evolves with you, fostering a personalized and responsive AI experience.

AI Empowered by Your Unique Data

The unique value in your documents and interactions is not lost on BrainSoup. You have the power to directly influence your AI agents' knowledge by feeding them with your specific data, thereby honing their expertise. The platform's design enables natural learning from ongoing dialogues with you, shaping a truly adaptive and data-driven tool that augments your operations. With BrainSoup, you have agency in what information propels the AI.

Security as a Cornerstone

Data security is a quintessential aspect of BrainSoup. Your data remains securely within your own device, thanks to the decision to forgo cloud storage for a local database approach. When leveraging services from third-party AI, measures are taken to anonymize requests, disconnecting them from your identity, and ensuring they don't contribute to further AI training. With BrainSoup, you're in absolute control of your data's privacy and security.

Low-Code, High Flexibility

Whether you are a seasoned developer or a novice, BrainSoup opens the door to seamless AI integration without the fuss. The platform uses straightforward text files and scripts, enabling you to connect with your existing software ecosystem easily. Real-time data, user-defined events, and various tools are at your agents' disposal, making them adaptable to any task. For those moments when you need a helping hand, Doc-E, the platform's own AI expert, is there to guide you.

BrainSoup's agents aren't just for conversation—they interact with the world, manipulating tools and executing actions. This leaps beyond traditional AI, providing a tangible extension of your capabilities that works securely and privately on your terms. With BrainSoup, you are not just using an AI tool; you are embarking on a journey with a partner that grows with you and your business.

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