Discover Brainglue: A Playground for AI-Based Reasoning

Welcome to the world of Brainglue, a unique platform that revolutionizes how we interact with artificial intelligence by allowing you to design personalized reasoning strategies. Brainglue stands out as a tool that extends the capabilities of AI through what is known as prompt chaining - a method where AI prompts are linked together to foster a more complex reasoning process.

A Playground for Creative Prompt Chaining

Picture a sandbox where your creativity with AI isn't just possible—it's encouraged. Brainglue offers an intuitive playground where crafting and sharing AI prompt chains is as simple and enjoyable as it gets. You can experiment with different AI configurations, like adjusting context windows and temperature settings, to see how changing these parameters affects the output.

Share Your AI Creations with Ease

Once you've played around and perfected your prompt chains, sharing them is straightforward. Brainglue provides a streamline form builder and an API that's a cinch to use. This means you can take your experiments into the real world with minimal fuss.

Empirically Powerful and Highly Configurable

Brainglue is more than just a playground; it's a robust environment for AI exploration. Users can integrate various AI models, such as GPT-3.5 or the impressive GPT-4, with additional support on the horizon. Furthermore, the platform helps you build interconnected prompts that consider the output of previous ones for more profound results.

Token Usage Estimations: Optimize Your AI

Understanding token usage is crucial, and Brainglue provides estimations to ensure efficient operation of your creations. And for those looking to connect AI chains with real-world actions, the platform also offers solutions to deliver outputs via email or webhook endpoints.

Intelligent Forms: From Concept to Real-World Application

Brainglue doesn't stop at prompt chaining. Users can explore a range of intelligent form examples, enabling them to tailor AI to their specific needs and projects. Templates are available to jump-start your creation process, ranging from classifying e-commerce comments to generating creative recipes without any distasteful suggestions.

Dive into a Universe of AI Possibilities

Embrace the environment designed for AI experimentation with Brainglue and watch your advanced reasoning strategies come to life.

Pros and Cons of Brainglue


· Intuitive playground for AI experimentation

· Allows for advanced prompt chaining and complex reasoning

· Easy sharing through a form builder or straightforward API

· Supports multiple cutting-edge AI models

· Provides token usage estimations for efficient functioning

· Delivers AI chain outcomes through email or webhooks


· Currently, the beta version is closed, limiting access to new users

· May require a learning curve for those unfamiliar with AI prompts and chaining

For those eager to embrace the next level of AI creativity and application, Brainglue represents a significant step forward. This tool is forging a path for customizable and sophisticated artificial intelligence use, not only in conceptual scenarios but also in practical, real-world applications.

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