Stay Accountable with BragHumble

It can be challenging to stay motivated and keep track of your fitness progress, but imagine having a partner that's always there, ready to celebrate your achievements no matter how small. That's where BragHumble comes in – a mobile app designed to be your digital workout companion.

What is BragHumble?

BragHumble is a fitness tool available as an iOS app that helps you track your exercise routines by counting your reps, managing sets, and journaling your progress automatically. It has been crafted for those who want to stay on top of their workout game by providing measurable insights.

How Does BragHumble Work?

When you embark on your workout journey, BragHumble gets to work by:

  • Counting Your Reps: The app uses your phone's front camera and artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately count each rep you do.

  • Auto-Journaling: Your exercise details are automatically journaled within the app, allowing you to track your consistency and overall progress as you train.

  • Offering Full Body Workouts: Whether you are new to working out or an experienced gym-goer, the app provides a well-rounded 30-minute full-body workout to get you started.

  • Providing Demo and Audio Assistance: The app is beginner-friendly, offering demonstrations of exercises, audio assistance, and timers to guide you through the routines.

Privacy Considerations

For those concerned about privacy, BragHumble ensures that no video is recorded, stored, or shared. The technology is used only to help count your reps in real-time. If you encounter issues with the rep counting accuracy, the team encourages you to reach out with a video of your workout so they can assist you.

Who Can Use BragHumble?

BragHumble is for anyone interested in improving their fitness, from beginners to seasoned athletes. It allows users to measure their physical capabilities and push their limits, which makes it a great tool for personal growth.

Pros and Cons of Using BragHumble


  • Motivational tool that keeps you accountable.
  • No need for manual logging of workouts.
  • User privacy is taken seriously, with no video storage or sharing.
  • Helpful for a range of fitness levels with instructional guides.


  • Currently only available for iOS users.
  • Requires the use of your device's camera to count reps, which may not be comfortable for everyone.

Final Thoughts on BragHumble

BragHumble is changing how we approach fitness tracking by taking advantage of modern technology to create an experience that is more immersive and supportive. As we move towards an increasingly digital world, tools like BragHumble are stepping up to transform our personal health journeys. For anyone who's been looking for a sign to up their fitness game, BragHumble might just be the answer. Ready to start your journey towards better health and accountability? The BragHumble app is ready for download.

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