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Your Digital Parenting Companion

May 17, 2024
Your Digital Parenting Companion

Discover Your Personalized Parenting Partner with Bottell

Welcome to the world of modern parenting, where the challenges are aplenty but the support is just a click away. Meet Bottell, an innovative new tool designed to be the digital sidekick that every parent wishes they had. With Bottell, you can receive 24/7 personalized advice, daily tips, support, and milestone coaching—all tailored to the unique needs of your child.

Customized Chat Assistance

Imagine having a knowledgeable friend always on standby to answer your questions, whatever they may be. That's what Bottell offers with its customized chat feature. Powered by intelligent algorithms, Bottell provides thorough and empathetic responses to your queries. Whether you need help with meal planning, searching for a new bedtime story, seeking out activities for the upcoming weekend, or just needing some emotional support, Bottell is ready to assist with advice tailored to your child’s needs.

Daily Doses of Insights with Personalized Blogs

Parenting is a journey filled with learning, and Bottell is here to inspire you every step of the way. The personalized blog feature delivers age-appropriate daily insights to help with your child's development. These bite-sized posts cover various topics such as learning, social and emotional development, behavior management, nutrition, activities, and parenting strategies. This feature caters to families with children from birth up to five years old.

Milestone Coaching with Bottell

One of the most rewarding parts of parenting is witnessing your child's developmental milestones. Bottell acts as the guiding light through these significant moments, from first steps to first words. It helps you understand what to expect and offers the right support precisely when you need it. As your child reaches new achievements, celebrate together with fun badges and enjoy reassurance thanks to Bottell's personalized game plans for addressing any concerns.

Specialized Programs for Big Transitions

Change is a constant in a child's life, and Bottell understands the challenges these transitions bring. It’s like having a personal trail guide to lead you through the intimidating landscape of potty training and other significant milestones. For only $19, you can access specialized programs with strategies to guide you from the beginning to the end. Each program includes progress badges to celebrate the small victories and adapts to your child's individual pace.

How to Begin Your Bottell Experience

Getting started with Bottell is as simple as these three steps:


Choose a Plan Pick the plan that suits your family best and set up a profile for your child.


Tailored Interaction Enjoy answers and tips all customized to your child's age and personality.


Specialized Programs Enroll in programs as needed for a nominal fee to help with significant transitions.

Interested in seeing Bottell in action? Give the demo a try and witness firsthand how efficiently it can answer your parenting questions.

Plans to Suit Every Family

Bottell offers a choice of plans to best accommodate your family's needs:


Basic Plan (Free) Perfect for those looking to explore personalized parenting help without any commitments. This plan allows up to two questions per day, access to weekly blog posts soon available via email, and one child profile for personalization.


Premium Plan ($5/month) For those requiring unlimited answers, daily tips, and thorough parent coaching for multiple children. This plan includes unlimited questions per day, daily blog posts, CDC milestone badges, coaching, and the ability to create profiles for multiple children.

Your Trust, Our Commitment

In choosing Bottell, you gain a trustworthy partner in parenting. Your data belongs to you, and privacy is a top priority.

Embark on this innovative parenting adventure and lighten the load of parenting responsibilities with Bottell by your side. With the help of this personalized digital tool, worrying less and enjoying more of the precious early years with your child is not just a wish—it's a reality. Visit the Bottell website for more information and to select the plan that's right for you and your family.

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