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Your Digital Parenting Companion

December 7, 2023
Your Digital Parenting Companion
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            A digital sidekick for parents
            Bottell gives you 24/7 personalized advice, daily tips, support, and milestone coaching so you can make sure your child is on the right track.

                Without the hassle.

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            No credit card required.

            Bottell carries some of the mental load of parenting, so you can worry less and enjoy more.

                CUSTOMIZED CHAT

            Bottell answers all of your questions like a knowledgable friend.
            Bottell uses the power of ChatGPT to provide intelligent, thorough, and empathic answers that are tailored to your child.

                You can ask it for advice, meal planning help, a new bedtime story, activity ideas for next weekend, or some emotional support. Anything, really.

                PERSONALIZED BLOG

            Bottell gives you daily inspiration, tailored to your child's age and interests.
            Bottell gives you tips and ideas for your child's development in daily bite-sized packages. Each post is age-appropriate and topics include:


                    Social & Emotional Development


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