Are you a small business owner or a startup? Do you struggle to balance your time between growing your business and engaging with customers? BotB9 is here to make life easier for you! Whether you need a gentle nudge in automating your customer interactions or want to provide your clients with hands-on assistance, this highly adaptable AI chatbot is custom-trained to perfectly align with your business.

What is BotB9?

Meet BotB9 - a user-friendly conversational assistant that's designed to handle all your customer interactions seamlessly. Forget the need to answer repetitive questions. BotB9 is built with your business in mind, reinforcing professional relationships with every chat. Ready to offer the right information at the right time, BotB9 doesn't just retain your brand personality but also enhances it.

An Embedded AI Chatbot

Tailored to You: BotB9 is deeply embedded and trained entirely based on your business data, ensuring that the responses align perfectly with the needs of your customers.

Unlimited Chats: The only thing that's infinite about BotB9's chats is the ease it provides. Both you and your users can send and receive an unlimited amount of messages without any restrictions.

Simple Code Embedding: With no-code, copy-paste, and play widgets, it takes no time to integrate BotB9 into your website or mobile app.

Training and Retraining: The more it learns, the smarter it gets! Access your private portal to train and retrain BotB9 with more data over time.

Custom Branding and Themes: BotB9 can blend with your brand's visual identity with ease with customizable themes and branding.

Advanced Customization: The option to personalize the intro message your users see adds an extra layer of finesse to your customer interaction experience.

Limitless Potential

The use cases of BotB9 extend beyond a standard sales and support assistant. The realm of possibilities is expansive, from fitness coaching to relationship advice, and even catering as an AI math tutor.

Pros & Cons


  • Elevated customer interaction
  • Personalized experience
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Ease of integration
  • Billing that scales according to your business


  • Might not fully replace human customer service agents

Join the league of savvy business owners by opting for BotB9 to level up your customer interaction processes. With exclusive lifetime plans and partner benefits, BotB9 is dedicated to making automation accessible to businesses of all sizes. The team's commitment to reinventing AI truly shines through, unlocking the potential for a brighter, more efficient future in customer interactions. So sit back, relax, and allow BotB9 to take the reins of your customer engagement while you focus on growing your business.

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