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November 22, 2023

Adding a Spark to Game Nights with Booom

Do you love trivia games but find yourself running out of questions during game night or perhaps tired of the same old deck of cards? Well, there's a new way to spice things up with Booom, an AI-generated trivia game platform that promises endless fun with friends and family.

What Is Booom?

Booom is an AI-powered tool that creates limitless trivia game content that you can enjoy ad-free. It’s designed to help you express your creativity while adding a competitive edge to your social gatherings.

Key Features of Booom

  • Limitless AI Content: Booom ensures a constant supply of fresh trivia questions to keep the game exciting.
  • Customization: Tailor the trivia games to your liking by adding your own images and videos.
  • Multiplayer Fun: Invite up to 8 friends to join the game for a night of friendly competition.
  • Competitive Play: A built-in leaderboard keeps track of everyone's scores, adding an extra element of fun.
  • Big Screen Ready: Booom can be streamed on a larger display, perfect for parties or family game nights.

How Does Booom Work?

Starting with Booom is simple, with tutorials available for new users. You can play existing trivia games or use the beta AI Editor to generate and customize your own. Templates like Anime Trivia, Creator Challenge, Guess the Count, or Truth And Lie are also available for inspiration.

Socially Perfect

Booom is a way to show off your trivia prowess and connect with others. Share laughs, compete, and learn something new every time you play.

Creator Partnerships and Community

Booom offers creator partnerships and a growing community for collaboration and sharing of trivia games on platforms like Discord and Twitter.

Technology Behind Booom

Booom is crafted with Playroom, a platform that combines innovative technology with entertainment, creating a cutting-edge digital play experience.

Pros and Cons of Booom:


  • Unlimited AI-generated trivia questions
  • Customization options to personalize the game experience
  • Multiplayer capabilities with up to 8 friends
  • No ads to interrupt your game flow
  • Built-in leaderboard to keep the competition heated


  • Reliance on technology means you need a stable internet connection
  • Requires a slight learning curve to create customized trivia games
  • As a new platform, there may be fewer users initially

In summary, Booom is a fantastic option for those who love to mix technology with traditional game night fun. Its AI-driven content ensures that every round of trivia feels fresh, engaging, and tailor-made for you and your friends. With the ability to create, customize, and compete, Booom is set to become the new go-to for social entertainment.

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