In the realm of video editing, AI technology is making strides, greatly simplifying tasks that were once considered tedious and time-consuming. One such technological innovation is an automatic blurring software that’s transforming the video industry.

The video editing software industry has witnessed a revolutionary tool that’s enhancing efficiency for editors everywhere. This software stands out for its automatic blurring capabilities, powered by AI technology developed by NTT Data. With an impressive detection accuracy of 99.7%, this software is seeing rapid adoption across various sectors, including television programs and the automotive industry.

Effortless Anonymization for Video Assets

Protecting personal information and privacy in videos is no small task. This software seamlessly handles the anonymization process, making it an indispensable tool for several applications. It is instrumental in marketing research, which involves the analysis of behaviors through surveillance camera footage. Additionally, it plays a critical role in the development of self-driving technology, utilizing dashcam videos, as well as in telemedicine and training where medical image use is crucial.

The cornerstone of this software is its ability to significantly reduce the time required for masking—by up to 90%. What might have taken about an hour to mask a one-minute video manually can now be efficiently completed in a fraction of the time thanks to this AI blurring tool.

Intuitive and Integrated Plugin Solution

What sets this software apart is its integration as a plugin with Adobe After Effects, a staple in the editing community. There’s no steep learning curve or the hassle of juggling multiple software applications. As a cloud-compatible tool, it also ensures that users can benefit from it as long as their PCs can run After Effects, and it further offers smooth integration with Premiere Pro.

Trusted by Industry Professionals

The AI blurring tool isn’t just efficient; it's reliable. Having been adopted by prestigious organizations such as Nippon Television Network Corporation, it meets stringent broadcaster standards in program production, compliance, and video quality.

Multi-faceted Detection Capabilities

The software supports six types of automatic detections: human face, head, full body, car number plate, beverage, and election poster. With full body detection, for instance, users can even remove the background from videos, adding to its versatility.

Flexible Pricing and Trial Options

For individuals keen to try out the software, it offers a two-week trial for 50,000 yen. This demo allows users to test the waters with limited use and access to features like face, full body, head detection, and number plate recognition. Cloud support and After Effects plugin compatibility ensure an easy introduction to this tool for both Mac and Windows users.


As AI technology continues to advance, tools like this automatic blurring software are setting a new standard in video editing. The benefits are vast, ranging from remarkable time savings to maintaining privacy and compliance in video content.

However, like any tool, it has its limitations. Despite its high accuracy, it may still require human oversight to ensure that blurring is correctly applied, especially in complex scenarios. Also, the initial cost might be a factor for freelance video editors or small production companies. Nevertheless, the time savings and increase in productivity could make it a worthwhile investment for professionals who deal with video editing on a daily basis.

As we move forward, it will be exciting to see how such AI-driven tools continue to evolve and reshape the landscape of video production and editing.

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